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The amount of revenue you generate from a workshop could blow your mind. But you’ll also have to invest in the location of your workshop. A workshop’s success boils down to where it’s held, and that’s why you should hire a meeting room in Adelaide. And if you want to host in Adelaide, the best site is the Playford Hotel.

No, don’t host your meeting room in your small office space, and don’t host it in your home. Hold up on hosting your next workshop until you reach this guide’s end. Here are three great reasons why it makes sense to hire a meeting room for your next seminar in Adelaide.


Closer to Your Clients

Before you hire a meeting room, the first thing you should think about is your clients. Do you want them to drive long before they get to the meeting room you picked out? There are many disadvantages to this, as there’s a high possibility of them getting tired before reaching the meeting room.

There’s also a high chance of your clients getting frustrated before they get to the workshop. They won’t be interested in listening to anything you say at that point, and your next seminar will become a flop. The Playford Hotel is conveniently located in a place where all of your attendees will quickly get


Spacious and Accommodating Meeting Rooms

The most important thing your workshop needs is space. Your meeting room needs to be spacious enough to accommodate everyone in attendance. Not only that, but the chairs should also be comfortable enough. The worst thing you want to happen in your workshop is for the attendees to be uncomfortable.

When the people in attendance are uncomfortable, they’ll hardly listen to what you’re saying. They won’t attend the next one since they’re not having a good time in your workshop. And the success of a workshop depends on how many returning customers you can retain. 

The meeting rooms at the Playford Hotel are the best you can hire in Adelaide. The seating in our meeting rooms will keep the attendees glued to their seats.


The Technical Side and Extra Perks

The technical side of a workshop is just as important as the aesthetic side. You want the lighting to be on point—not too bright or dim. You also want the sound quality to be top-notch so that everyone can hear, but not so loud that their ears hurt. When you’re presenting your slides, you also want your presentation to be seamless and effortless.

Handle the technical side of your workshop well, and you’ll leave everyone mesmerised. When you host your seminar at the Playford Hotel, we handle the technical side of your workshop. Our in-house technicians will make sure everything runs seamlessly.

As for the extra perks, our restaurant would happily provide refreshments if you wanted to feed your attendees. Our award-winning cuisine will award you with a highly successful workshop.

Hosting your workshop in Adelaide is a decision you won’t regret. When do you want to host your workshop? Contact us so we can help you set it up!

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