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The turning point of every Adelaide business happens when you choose the pick the right meeting room hire. What happens to your business in the future is highly dependent on how well your business meeting goes. And for any business meeting to go well, the meeting room has to be top-notch. You can’t take your future investors to a run-down meeting room and expect things to go well.


There are certain criteria that any meeting room you plan to hire should fulfil. So, if you want your business meeting to go well, here are 5 features it must have:


Good and Prestigious Environment


Before stepping into the meeting room, the first thing your clients will notice is the environment. Don’t just choose any type of scenery; choose one that’s exciting and prestigious. The right Adelaide environment will give your clients something to look forward to and let them know you’re serious.


Using a meeting room in a seedy location only shows you don’t care much about satisfying your clients’ needs. And frankly, it leaves a bad impression.


Comfortable Seating and Sitting Arrangement


You also need to make sure that the meeting room for hire has good seating and sitting arrangement. Every chair should have enough space in between, and everyone, enough leg space. A bad arrangement would lead to discomfort, and everyone would just be anxious to leave your meeting. You want to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as can be.


Beautiful Design 


Human beings are visual creatures, and one thing you want to do is catch the eye of your potential investors. Give them something to talk about after the meeting by having it in the most tastefully designed meeting room they’ve ever seen.


At The Playford Hotel, we have some of the most tastefully designed meeting rooms you’ll ever see in Adelaide. Leafed walls with floor-to-ceiling windows will give your clients a view they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.


Proper Lighting 


You need great lighting in your meeting room. When you’re presenting your slides, it’s important that everyone seated can see what you’re doing. And at the same time, the lighting mustn’t be so strong that it disturbs their eyes.


Adequate Tech Setup


Adequate tech setup can’t be overemphasized in a good meeting room. The sound system has to be high quality to make sure you’re audible to everyone present. Good internet is also necessary, so your presentation can go on without a hitch.


All the audio-visual aspects of our function rooms are covered by our technicians at The Playford hotel. They’ll always be available to ensure that your meeting goes as smoothly as possible.


The Playford Hotel meeting rooms for hire have all the features here and more.


Interested in an Adelaide meeting room hire we have to offer you? Contact us!

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