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Successful event planning comes down to details; from creating the perfect schedule to booking and decorating premier function rooms in Adelaide, the more harmoniously all elements come together, the more seamless the event will be. However, there’s a lot more to successful event planning than meets the eye; here are five things all event coordinators should know for truly superb functions:
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1. Location Counts

The venue of your event provides the backdrop for everything else. Again, details matter; will you require catering services and event venue rental in Adelaide? If so, The Playford Hotel has world-class functions and conference rooms in Adelaide that offer package deals on facility rentals and quality catering services. Attention to detail in your location selection can propel your event to new heights of success, so don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the best location.


2. Relationships and Communication Are Key

A successful event involves communicating well with others, as in your work or personal life. Whether booking speakers, coordinating volunteers, or talking with service staff, clear communication is paramount to all facets of an event unfolding harmoniously. Remember to prioritise your relationships with all staff, from speakers to service providers. Talk to them, get to know them, and they will deliver excellent performances to support you in coordinating your ideal event.


3. Be Prepared to Wear Many Hats

While you can plan and schedule the main components of your event, there will always be certain elements that are left to chance. You never know when you might need to step up as a negotiator, diplomat, guide, or problem-solver. Be ready to be flexible and innovative if need be, and stay on your toes as the event unfolds.


4. A Well-Stocked Supply Kit Can Save the Day

In the spirit of tip #3, you should strive to be prepared for anything. Depending upon the nature of your event, you should come stocked with anything that might be needed as it runs its course. Be ready to save the day with extra pens to tape, paper clips, a stapler and staples, tacks, extra batteries, hand sanitiser, spot remover, bobby pins, and a sewing kit. Brainstorm your tool kit’s contents for any eventuality before your upcoming function, and restock it between events.


5. Be Tech-Savvy—or Hire Someone Who Is

If there will be computer-related, lighting-related, or audio-visual components to your meeting or conference, be sure you have the expertise to help it all go off without a hitch. If you have doubts about handling the technological aspects of your event yourself, don’t hesitate to outsource it to someone who can. The expert team at The Playford will follow all the instructions if you opt for our AV equipment hire.

Follow these five event-planning tips and contact The Playford to access top-quality function rooms Adelaide residents and visitors love. From premier venues to excellent catering services, The Playford offers outstanding meeting facilities in Adelaide for conferences or events of any size.

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