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Planning a meeting or conference in Adelaide is a big responsibility. Done well, it’s held in a meeting room with exceptional facilities like those on offer at The Playford, where Adelaide residents or visitors will enjoy the experience and achieve all set objectives. Smaller-sized gatherings (10 to 50 people) have different considerations than larger ones; here are some key things to remember when booking a small meeting or conference room at The Playford, Adelaide:
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1. Clearly Define the Goals

Having a clear focus is the first step to success. Whether it’s to teach managers how to better oversee their staff, on-board new sales reps, or do some general team-building, having clear-cut goals will help keep smaller groups focused and on point.

2. Create an Optimal Attendees List

Smaller meetings and workshops require an ideal number of attendees for an optimal experience. For example, teaching a specific or specialized skill is better suited to 10 to 15 attendees; more general educational/motivational meetings can benefit from having 50 attendees to promote group participation.

3. Choose the Ideal Location

Practical details and logistics should be carefully considered when selecting a conference room in Adelaide or the desired meeting location. For example, if your meeting will require special technology, equipment, or catering services for lunch, verify that the venue will be able to accommodate it.

4. Develop a Structured Yet Flexible Agenda

Smaller meetings will always have a more intimate feel, so create a meeting agenda that makes allowances for a more personal experience. The agenda should be specific yet general enough to allow for unforeseen discussions. List out your main points to cover, technical enhancements (PowerPoint, charts, etc.) as well as potential discussion topics in a general time frame and schedule.

5. Wrap It Up with Key Points

Finish up the meeting by revisiting the original workshop goals and verifying that you have achieved them. This is much easier to do with a smaller group and can take the form of an informal discussion or written questionnaire filled out by all attendees.

Smaller workshops and conferences have different needs and considerations than large ones. Use these five tips for success when planning your agenda and booking your conference room at The Playford, Adelaide. For further information regarding hosting your next meeting or conference at The Playford, contact our Events team today.

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