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If you’re a business owner, you’re most likely no stranger to holding business meetings in meeting rooms in Adelaide. A business meeting is your chance to impress potential investors, so it has to be nothing short of perfect. Hosting a professional business meeting is no walk in the park. With the right tips, you’ll wow everyone at the conference with you.

So, if you want every professional business you host to be a success, keep on reading. Because here are 5 tips that will help you host the perfect professional business meeting:


You can’t host a professional business meeting without picking the perfect location. People say first impressions last the longest, and you want everyone to have the right image of your session. Choose a site that’s in a nice and quiet area. No one wants to attend a business meeting in a noisy place.

If you want to wow your business partners, you can go further and host your meeting in a hotel. The Playford Hotel is perfect because we’re located in the heart of Adelaide’s cultural precinct. And the atmosphere in our hotel is the ideal place to host a business meeting.


You want your business partners to sit comfortably during the meeting. Small or uncomfortable chairs will inconvenience them. And they’ll be more focused on when they can leave the meeting than focusing on you.

You have to make sure the meeting rooms you use for any meetings have comfortable seating, giving everyone enough space. That way, you’ll be able to move around, and everyone will be pleased—a win-win.

The Tech Aspect

If you’re hosting a large number of people, your voice has to be audible. So, you need a quality sound system,  not too loud, that will let everyone hear you well. You’ll also need to make sure the meeting rooms you use are well set up for presentations.

The last thing you want during a meeting is to have technical issues.  When you host any conference in our meeting rooms in the Playford Hotel, our team will handle every technical aspect. Our hotel is the best place to host any meeting in Adelaide.


Most people tend to gloss over refreshments during meetings, and that’s one thing you should take advantage of. Provide refreshments halfway through your business meeting, so no one goes hungry. At The Playford, you can seamlessly do this. If you have an early meeting, there’s a probability most people who attend won’t get a chance to eat.

By feeding them, you’re showing them you care. And while it may not seem important, it goes a long way.

Hang Out

Business meetings in meeting rooms in Adelaide can get really intense and draining. Give everyone a chance to wind down by taking them for drinks after. It allows you to thank everyone that attended and also a way to say thank you.


These tips will definitely make every business meeting you host a success if you follow them. Where you host your business meeting in Adelaide also determines how well it goes. Make things easier for yourself by hosting your business meetings at the Playford hotel. 

Our meeting rooms are perfect, and you can go down to our exquisite bar after to relax. 


Contact us to book now.

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