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If you’re tasked to organise a trade show, it can seem daunting at first. However, there are some specific things you can do to help expedite the process. From negotiating contracts to finding ideal trade show venues in Adelaide, such as The Playford, to promoting the event effectively, you can streamline your to-do list while increasing your odds of success. Here are five key tips for putting on a successful trade show:
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1. Focus on Connecting Buyers with Sellers

The main objective of a trade show should be to connect buyers and sellers, so make this your primary focus as you research and plan the show. Identify the target or typical attendee while simultaneously determining the types of vendors they’ll be looking for. Select a date for the show that makes sense for this industry, such as when the typical buyer does their shopping. Seek out a balance of vendors that will cover the wants and needs of a typical attendee; for example, a photography trade show should have a good mix of backdrop, lighting, prop and digital media companies.

2. Find the Ideal Location

Location is key to the success of your trade show. Once you have your vendor and attendee estimates from step #1, it’s time to find the ideal venue. The Playford Hotel offers a large variety of function rooms Adelaide residents and visitors can access easily. They’ve hosted countless events over the years and can provide insight and support to help yours go off without a hitch. If you’ll be holding your event in the area, consider the superior conference facilities available at The Playford.

3. Compile Contact Lists

Conduct thorough market research to identify prime attendees and vendors for your trade show. Make use of resources such as your regional trade association, relevant magazines or journals, public records and even paid lists to gain access to prime candidates. Create two organised databases, one for your buyers, and one for your sellers.

4. Create a Slam-Dunk Marketing Plan

Now that you’ve prepared your ideal vendor and attendee lists, consider the wants and needs of these people and businesses. Create a marketing plan/kit for each group that will help to generate interest and draw them into attending your trade show. Offer volume discounts and special promotions to both groups. Consider offering an early-bird discount for those who sign up early.

5. Bring Your Intuition and Flexibility

Lastly, prepare for any eventuality during the planning phase as well as the unfolding of your trade show. The truth is that you can only plan the basics; you have to also be flexible while anticipating the needs of your vendors and attendees. Plan as much as you can, but be ready to think on your feet and make adjustments.

A trade show has lots of moving parts, and the organiser must orchestrate all of them. From finding ideal trade show venues in Adelaide to anticipating the needs of buyers and sellers, these five tips can assist you in making your trade show a success for everyone involved.

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