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When attending a conference, the expectation is that you’re going to learn and discuss issues and new ideas. For speakers and organisers, we understand that you’ll want every attendee to have a positive experience. When planning a conference pay attention to particular areas to ensure that it is an engaging and useful event for all audience members. We’ve come up with our six tips for planning your next conference – essentially leading to an excellent return on investment.

Plan the agenda

While this may seem like a straightforward point, it is often easy for board meetings and conferences to go off track. Therefore, it is so important to remember the purpose of the meeting and to do so you must make sure all of the relevant topics that need to be covered are appropriately laid out to ensure nothing gets missed.

Get materials organised in advance

Be sure to get everything you need to deliver a fantastic conference ready beforehand. Discussions will do significantly better when attendees are given time to think through the issues on the table in advance of the meeting. When it comes to setting up the event, be sure to have a chat with our events coordinators, and we can discuss everything required to ensure that the set up for your conference is completed with no complications.

Ensure you have working WIFI

Regardless of your conference purpose, having an adequate WI-FI signal is essential, especially if you are connecting with others via Skype throughout. Be sure to contact the venue of your event and ensure that you will be able to receive an adequate connection, and prepare an offline version of your presentation in the case of a WI-FI emergency. At The Playford Hotel, we offer our guests complementary WIFI that will sufficiently handle any of your conference needs, we also offer high speed wireless packages available for purchase.

Have a good AV system

If you need members to phone into your conference, a quality phone system that allows those on the phone or Skype to listen and actively participate is a must. At The Playford Hotel, our in-house audio visual company, Staging Connections, will provide you with the best in audio and visual equipment.


Be sure to send out adequate information about the event (where, when, how). This information should be front and centre on event invitations-mails and web pages.  


You’ll want to choose a venue that is centrally located for your guests, making it easy for them to get to. Be sure to provide easily located links to transportation, some events have their wiki pages with links for attendees to coordinate ride shares. The Playford Hotel is centrally located within the Adelaide CBD with an abundance of travel options on our doorstep. Contact our friendly staff for further information.

If you’re looking for a venue for your next conference give the team at The Playford Hotel a call. Our events team will work with you to create a space that is best suited for all of your conference needs.

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