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Social media provides a potent, powerful and free way to promote your conference or meeting. Once you’ve decided to hire one of the many quality function rooms at The Playford Hotel in Adelaide, your marketing strategy is crucial to ensure a successful event. The first stage is booking a conference or meeting room at The Playford Hotel. Employ these six critical methods of making the most of social media to spread the word:

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1. Gather Followers

If you haven’t already, create social media pages for your event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, adding your logo and customizing the look to be consistent with your existing website and marketing materials. Add your social media account information to all “real world” marketing materials, including icons on emails, newsletters and other correspondence.


2. Create Buzz

Focus on creating and sharing social media posts, tweets and videos that will be ‘buzzworthy’. The idea is to generate excitement about your event so that current followers can spread the word, leading to more social media contacts and, ultimately, conference attendees.


3. Create a Unified Hash Tag

Create a hashtag specific to your conference or meeting before the start date to be used across all social media channels. Try to use it across all mediums, including digital images, speaker bios, printed marketing material and within all of your correspondence. An event-specific hashtag makes it easy for interested parties to find what you’re sharing and connect, further adding to the buzz of your event. Also, consider tagging The Playford Hotel to be linked to their Facebook page and be seen by their followers.

Utilizing this technology can allow you to display hashtags on screens throughout your presentation. Maybe you can use this facility to offer a prize to the attendee who says the best Twitter post, thereby offering an incentive to increase the amount of social media used during your conference. The Playford Hotel has gift voucher facilities available if clients wish to arrange a prize as an incentive to delegates.


4. Create a Highlight Reel

The Internet and social media have made it easier than ever to share photos and videos. Consider creating a “highlight reel” of the best still images and video clips from past events or the planning stages of your current one. If you have them, include video clips of popular speakers in action and testimonials from past attendees. A video promo is an excellent way to capture the energy of an upcoming event and create excitement and interest. Don’t forget to include a prominently displayed conference registration link.


5. Profile Your Speakers

Generate more interest and excitement for your conference or meeting by creating a photo or video clip post of each speaker to be sent out in the weeks before the event. The position can be a video clip given to you by the speaker; if unavailable, send out a still photo of them along with a brief bio and one of their best quotes or mottos. You can also do a group posting of all speakers with their names, titles and claims to fame.


6. Add Value with Shareable Assets

If sharing links or content external to your conference, make sure they relate directly to the topic and add value to the viewer’s experience. Make it easy for your followers to spread the word by choosing the most relevant, valuable articles, photos, graphics, downloadable audio, video, blog posts, and timely news items. The Playford Hotel can assist with your social media strategy using the audiovisual technology operated by Staging Connections, our in-house AV specialists.

Social media can be an effective and affordable marketing tool when promoting a conference or meeting. After you’ve booked your chosen conference room at The Playford Hotel, it’s time to spread the word. Use these six social media marketing tips to help create buzz and maximize the turnout at your event.

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