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If you’re an Adelaide business owner, it’s probably not your first time to look for conference rooms to host professional meetings. You are aware that professional conferences give you the opportunity for you to bond with potential investors and even get new clients. When you want to host a meeting, you will have to look at a lot of conference rooms and locations. If you’re a secretary, you’re most likely accustomed to the stress associated with finding the perfect location for your boss’ meetings. 

Well, secretaries and bosses, you can say goodbye to every stress associated with finding good conference rooms in Adelaide. At The Playford Hotel, we have a wide variety of conference rooms you can pick to host your meetings. What makes our conference rooms different from others? Keep on reading to find out!


Spacious Conference Rooms

One thing that any good conference room needs is space. Nothing is worse than hosting a meeting, and there is barely any space to move around or interact. Conference rooms are, however, not only used for meetings but also seminars, coaching, etc. And one thing any seminar, coaching, or a meeting needs is enough legroom. So, before you book any more conference rooms, check it out to see if it has more than enough space. Instead of checking, though, you can just come on down to The Playford Hotel. 

We have a wide range of conference rooms you can pick from, depending on what you want to use it for. And what thing that comes with all of our conference rooms is more than enough space.



A beautiful conference room is one feature you need when you want to rent a conference room. The design and decoration of a conference room is a crucial feature because it shows attention to detail. Attention to detail is essential because it shows your clients that you will also pay attention to them. 

At The Playford Hotel, our meetings have natural light, a chandelier, and gold-leafed walls. Your clients will be begging to do business with you in our conference rooms. Do you want to dazzle your clients? Our conference rooms will help you with that.



One thing that makes or breaks a professional conference is tech support. Do the microphones work well enough? Are your slides showing clearly? Is the lighting constant and suitable? These are all critical questions. Before you rent a conference room in Adelaide, ask them if they have technicians that are always on call, 24/7. 


At The Playford Hotel, we have in-house audio-visual technicians on call 24/7. So, you know your meeting is going to go smoothly. If you’re an Adelaide business owner and you’re looking to wow potential investors? Come on down to The Playford Hotel. You don’t need to worry; you can afford us!

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