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Having just indulged in a wonderful dinner at ‘The Playford’ restaurant and you’re in the mood to party. Well, we can help you get started with a rundown on Adelaide’s finest new bars.

Just recently there’s been a veritable explosion of bar interest with over 39 applications for small bar licenses with 26 applications handed out with plenty more to come. But right now there are some real standout bars. Here’s a selection.

Bar Interior Within Short Distance of The Playford
Bar Interior Within Short Distance of The Playford

At Bank St Social you have to go underground. It’s a great New York feel. Very industrial in look with exposed pipes and brickwork the main features, coupled with incredibly soft Chesterfields to sink in or lounge about, and mood lighting to match. Depending on your mood, you can hit the dance floor or settle into one of the low open booths enabling you to converse all night long. If you’re after a vast beer selection, you’ll find the bar chocker block full of local varieties. You can also taste some very fine boutique wines and the spirits are free flowing.

Down at Maybe Mae, the trick is to find it first. The front door is camouflaged with wood paneling to keep the clientele exclusive. Give it a push and you’re in. It’s cool alright with green leather booths and the venue knows how to get the bop going with a fifties music feel. The bar has a number of cocktails that are just right for the night, plenty of Southwark beer to go round and for a bit of the finer stuff, there’s Krug. Nice one.

Mother Vine has a simple approach to décor. Clean lines with black tiles and concrete. As in the name, there’s a real wine focus. You’ll get the chance to swill and swoon, and try to guess what side of the mountain it comes from. You can also get wine straight from the keg. For lovers of fine wine, this is the place. Down at La Moka, it’s like a little bit of Bologna. What delights everyone is the Italian tradition of apertivo. It’s a complimentary plate that comes with wine. It’s full of small goods, cheese, egg frittata and olives. There are plenty of Italian and South Australian wines, local beers and an old favourite, Campari, to go with it. And if you’re just after a great coffee, it gets brewed all night.

At Kaffina, there’s a real home feel going on. Here you’re met with wonderful Serbian hospitality. Perch yourself at the blue-lit circular bar surrounded by exposed bricks and order away. The drinks menu has not seven, but twenty-seven different varieties of the Serbian plum brandy, slivovitz, and there are six types of Serbian beer to down. At Hindley St, you can enter Ancient World, a bar of a different kind. It’s a clever combination of bar and multi-arts venue. The place has a drinks menu that is locally sourced. Here you can dance to experimental electronic music, scribble your random thoughts and ideas on the bathroom wall, take a comfortable position alongside the bar, or chill outside in the cool courtyard.

So there you have it, just a few of Adelaide’s best small bars, all within a short distance of ‘The Playford’. Go and enjoy.

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