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Spending the holidays with luxury accommodation in a premier hotel in Adelaide is your time to get away from it all—the bustle of the city and work. A lot of people use their holiday time to rest or travel. Why don’t you change things up a bit and go on a staycation at a hotel? Wherever you decide to go on your holiday, it should be a place that’s better than your Adelaide home. Your holiday spot should also be a place you wouldn’t want to leave.  

What if we told you you could have your staycation in style without breaking the bank? At the Playford Hotel, this is possible. A staycation with us at The Playford Hotel will forever change how you view staycations at hotels in Adelaide. Please keep reading to learn why staying with us is the best!



The beauty of a staycation is that you get to live, for a prolonged time, in a place different from your Adelaide home. A staycation at a hotel means a change of pace, atmosphere, and location. Staying at a hotel is only as fun as how much you can explore the surroundings.

A staycation at the Playford Hotel will make the most exciting location available to you. The Playford Hotel is surrounded by various cultures, art, and entertainment because of its location.

While at the Playford Hotel, you will always have fun whenever you decide to explore the surroundings.


Luxury Accommodation

When you’re outside your Adelaide home, staying at a place with luxury accommodation is only fitting. At the Playford Hotel, everything in our rooms screams luxury, from cloud-soft beds to modern bathroom facilities. While you stay at our luxury accommodation, you can access our 24/7 free high-speed Wi-Fi. We will also treat you like the royalty you are while you stay with us by meeting all your demands. 

In our luxury accommodation at The Playford Hotel, we’ll treat you like the royalty you are.



You will eat the best food when you come to the Playford Hotel for a staycation. Our high-class chefs cook numerous diverse foods with the most organic produce. The countless awards our cuisine has won are proof of our quality. However, seeing is one thing; you must taste our food to know how good it is.

We have different accommodation packages that you can choose from for your staycation. If you want to book a staycation before your holiday, contact The Playford!

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