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Since its inception in 1974, the Come Out Children’s festival has seen more than two million kids participate. It’s been an extraordinary time and this year is no exception. Base yourselves in the luxurious surrounds of The Playford hotel and you’ll be in the heart of the festivities. Kick-start your day with a hearty, award-winning buffet breakfast in The Playford Restaurant that will give you the energy you’ll need to tackle this fantastic festival.

There’ll be hundreds of shows to make you laugh, cry, stimulate your mind, or just simply entertain. It all happens over 9 days from May 22-30. It’s a brilliant festival that is full of great delights. There’s theatre, dance, circus, science, puppetry, plays, orchestral works, robots literacy and even astrology. The Festival program is divided into two categories. There’s the schools program where children can participate in events and performances through their school, and there’s the general public program.

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The overall program is absolutely jam packed with a total of five hundred and fifty events, performances, exhibitions, workshops and activities. This year will include twelve South Australian premieres; one Australian premiere performance and five world premiere performances. Extraordinary.

The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Building Bridges’. The opening event is titled ‘A Bridge Across Time’. It portrays a moment in time with three generations engaging in a shared experience, one remembered, one real and one imagined. The delightful adventure story of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s best selling story is back to everyone’s delight. This time with the sequel, The 26 Storey Tree House. It’s a brilliant show where children watch the book come to life on stage.

All this action probably means you’re going to need a pick-me-up! Why not swing by The Playford Lounge Bar and grab yourself a steaming, delicious Vittoria espresso coffee. Take a weight off your feet while you drink it, or keep on the move with a coffee to go.

Now we know that all the kids absolutely adore a circus. And a festival just wouldn’t be the same without one. This year, a circus will give all the kids a chance to take on a big adventure and go on a circus safari through jungles, oceans and plains, when the Circa Carnival arrives with Carnival of the Animals. It’s a happy tale from the land and the ocean. With digital animation and multimedia at play, the language of the circus is there for all to see and the kids are taken on an exciting, playful acrobatic safari.

Then there’s Look. It’s an imaginary theatre production that uses physical story telling to tell a wonderful story of resilience and friendship. Argus by Dead Puppet Society will certainly attract some attention. It‘s a whimsical wonderland, making use of nothing but household objects and four pairs of hands. There’s also a terrific interactive workshop that runs through the festival. It’s called; ‘I Think I Can’. It’s where the Tasmanian Puppet Theatre Company, Terrapin, uses puppetry, live video and active audience participation, and where students choose a miniature puppet as their alter ego and play out their lives on a large scale model railway in the Adelaide Railway Station, a mere stone’s throw from The Playford hotel. Toot-toot!

These are of course just some of the many and incredibly varied things that you’ll find at this year’s Come Out Children’s festival. So come on down. The stage is set. Book in at The Playford hotel and take it all in. Round out your day with some world-class cuisine in The Playford Restaurant, washed down with a glass (or two!) of fine, boutique wine. You’ll love staying at The Playford and you’ll be delighted at what you see at the festival.

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