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You probably have countless stories about conference rooms if you’re a business owner in Adelaide. Either the projector isn’t working, or the chairs are squeaky and make distracting noises. Small inconveniences like this pile up till they ruin the meeting. Nothing would be achieved since everybody is thinking of escaping.


If you want to avoid this, be careful when selecting conference rooms in Adelaide. Check reviews and ask around while conducting your search. Conference rooms with the best reviews you can find are at the Playford Hotel.


You can count on our conference rooms to help you close on important business deals. Why? Because…




Space is an absolute necessity when you’re organising an event, seminar or any program in Adelaide. Everyone in attendance must get a seat and enough leg space. When you rent a small conference venue, you’ll only end up inconveniencing your guests. And it’s safe to say that the turnout rate for the next event you host will be low.


The Playford hotel’s conference rooms have different capacities to accommodate different crowds. So whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large number of people, our conference rooms will serve you.


Tastefully Designed


If getting people to attend your functions is an issue, the venues could be a problem. For example, you shouldn’t host meetings in boring conference rooms. You’ll make a bad impression on your guests because it shows a complete lack of taste. 


Conduct meetings in style with our tastefully designed conference rooms. You should go for a visual appeal if you want to attract people to a seminar or event you’re hosting; people love pretty things and are attracted to them. A peek of our floor to ceiling windows, and the balcony view is enough to mesmerise your guests.


The beauty of our conference rooms will boost the number of people that will attend your next meeting.




Our conference rooms are designed to make everyone feel at home. The cool air conditioning and comfortable chairs will ensure everyone seated are comfortable. Minimising discomfort is necessary because you want your guests to focus on you. And not on the squeaky sounds their chairs make or how hot the room is.


Stuffy rooms, hard chairs etc., will be a huge inconvenience. Consequently, discouraging people from attending the next conference you host. 


The conference rooms in the Playford hotel come with all the necessary comforts. But that’s not all; the venues also lead to bathroom facilities and a dedicated bar. As a result, your guests will be hesitant to leave when you host an event in our venue. 




After a long day of talking, you don’t want to send your guests home hungry. Offering refreshments shows a great deal of care and will be an unforgettable experience. You can get loyal customers by giving them the best meal they’ve tasted in a while. Our award-winning restaurant will provide all the refreshments you need.


Have plans to host a conference soon in Adelaide? Come to the Playford hotel. We provide all the necessary equipment you’ll need to host the perfect event. Secure a spot by booking now.

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