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No one can deny that conferences are necessary. They are a beneficial tool for collaboration, planning, and problem-solving. However, meetings are often viewed as dull and boring.

The Playford, MGallery by Sofitel, offers the perfect conference room hire for your next Adelaide meeting. At our conference rooms, your delegates will never get bored or lose focus. Here is why:


Out of Office Venue


Why not spice up your event with an out of office conference room hire in Adelaide – changing the familiar office atmosphere does wonders! The idea of a quick trip out of the office brings instant excitement. There is also a sense of freshness that comes with a conference room hire. That is why getting out of the office is necessary for long, essential conferences. 


At The Playford, MGallery by Sofitel, all of our function rooms are clean and comfortable. They all come with individual air conditioning and dimmable lighting. To add more sense of freshness, all of our conference rooms feature natural light. Our ballrooms come with plenty of space and offer balcony access overlooking the picturesque North Terrace. 


Untraditional Conference Room Layout


Conferences are usually held in dull, uninspiring layouts. Using a square or rectangular tables will also subconsciously reinforce hierarchy in the minds of your attendees. It will not be suitable if your Adelaide conference aims to strengthen collaboration. It would be best if you chose a layout that puts everyone on equal footing. Using circular tables or ditching the tables can achieve that ultimately. It will also lighten up the tense, formal atmosphere. 


To give you more flexibility in your conference room hire, we have a range of function rooms available. Each comes in different sizes and can accommodate various seating capacities. It will enable you to choose the most suitable layout for your Adelaide conference room hire. 


Well-Equipped Venue


The best way to keep participants engaged is to hold your Adelaide conference in a comfortable and well-equipped venue. Regular interruptions to fix broken equipment or hearing unclear audio will make your delegates quickly lose focus. 


At The Playford, MGallery by Sofitel, your conference room hire is complemented by state-of-the-art technology and expert staff. It will grant you access to video equipment, video conferencing, and high-speed internet. All of our conference rooms feature Bose sound. Our in-house audio-visual technicians are available onsite 24 hours a day to provide you with their support.


Quality Catering


No one can concentrate on an empty stomach. If the attendees are, hungry, they might not even have enough energy to focus. However, we do not just offer food to make your participants full. Our award-winning cuisine provides healthy food that keeps them energized. We always use organic, biodynamic, and free-range ingredients wherever possible.


With our conference room hire, your delegates will not only be satisfied. They will start looking forward to your next Adelaide conference. For more information about our conference room, hire packages, call us now!

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