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Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives. For brides and grooms alike, this is their incredibly special day and for guests it is an opportunity to witness and celebrate a couple’s commitment to each other. An unforgettable wedding reception can enhance what has been a magical day and create an atmosphere that’s not just special for you – but for everyone else too. 

You can easily transform your special day into an unforgettable night by following these ideas. 

  1. Create a DIY Flower Station

a wedding bouquet on a table at The Playford

Nothing says weddings like beautiful floral displays. From the corsages and boutonnieres worn by the wedding party to the bride’s bouquet itself, no wedding is complete without flowers. 

With so much colour on display and celebrating to be had, why not give guests the chance to join in on the floral fun? DIY flower stations are a beautiful and unique way to keep guests entertained while also creating picture-perfect photography. 

  1. Prepare a Kids Corner

Children are not always fans of weddings, ceremonies, or sitting on their best behaviour for extended periods of time. Show your guests you truly care and appreciate their whole family attending by creating a space exclusively for their children. 

A kid’s corner in a wedding reception room can provide supervised fun for young boys and girls. Keep them occupied with crayons and a colouring book, a disposable camera and maybe some stickers. The contents of your kid’s basket can vary, but just make sure you cater to both boys and girls and just remember not to make the parents mad by giving them anything too messy – their pretty frocks and mini suits should still remain presentable. You could even throw in some wedding themed fun to really make them feel a part of the festivities and enjoy the day. 

  1. Family Tree Seating

Family tree seating is an easy way to figure out who sits where, and a beautiful representation of two families coming together and merging as one. The opportunity to create a themed seating chart that perfectly pictures the entwining branches of two families will be appreciated by your family and friends, and is a beautiful way to bring those together who may not have had the chance to be properly introduced before the day. 

  1. Video Confessional Booth

Do you want something to laugh about and remember long after the wedding day is done? Video confessional booths are a twist on traditional photo booths, helping you to preserve precious memories and hilarious one-liners alike. Encourage guests to step into the booth and record a short message just for you, and replay it back for treasured memories of your special day. 

  1. Unexpected Wedding Music

Everybody’s heard Here Comes The Bride before, so spice up your reception with some fun or unique tunes. The Macarena has the power to get guests to loosen up and get on the dance floor, but if that’s not your cup of tea, choose music from your favourite composers, bands, films or TV shows. Everyone loves a song they can sing along to. Encouraging your guests to have a great time is the key, and will really provide the atmosphere you’re hoping to create. 

  1. Unusual Clues for Guests

Adding a hint of surprise to your wedding reception could be the perfect way to spice it up. You could cheekily allude to things that might happen throughout the night on a wedding invitation or even provide a different piece of a puzzle to every guest for them to mull over and wonder about. 

This could keep them in anticipation about anything – from your interesting music to your seating chart. Just make sure it isn’t anything they need to know in advance. 

  1. Surprise Choreographed Dance

A bridal waltz might be the classic way for brides and grooms to share their first dance, but why not try something that draws the audience’s eye a bit more. You could go completely unique and take it to a whole new level by choreographing an attention-grabbing flash mob (bridesmaids and groomsmen included), or put a twist on an old favourite that perfectly celebrates your love. 

  1. Killer Midnight Snacks

After a full day of flowers, photos and celebrations people are sure to be hungry. On the stroke of midnight transform that hunger into satisfaction with delicious midnight snacks. Make sure these snacks are light and tasty – making them a refreshing departure from any food and cake served previously.  

So there you have it, eight great wedding reception ideas to provide some inspiration as you plan your special day. If a luxurious and unique Art Nouveau hotel setting is what you’re looking for in a wedding reception, please phone us on 08 8213 8888 or email us, and we’ll put you in touch with our wedding specialist.

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