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Conference: a formal meeting of people with shared interests, typically one that takes place over several days. 

I don’t know about you, but that conference definition doesn’t exactly begin to inspire me. It comes close to putting me to sleep! 

The problem with conferences is that even though they bring together people with shared interests, the topics you discuss aren’t always enjoyable. A successful meeting is just as much about the delivery as the content. 

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If you want a successful and enjoyable conference, you must keep people engaged within and beyond the presentations themselves. To assist you in your conference planning, we will explore a few creative ways to take your conference to the next level.


Engage in Team Building Games

Conferences are more than a speaker and an audience; they’re about participation, learning, and building. A few group activities are perfect for breaking the ice, energising attendees, and engaging in meaningful development. 

At the start of the day, there is one game to consider in the kitchen gadget game. Participants introduce themselves around the room, but here’s the twist: They need to describe themselves as a kitchen gadget. This game is designed to get participants to think critically about themselves, analysing their strengths and weaknesses. It also allows you to begin a conversation about team dynamics, and it’s a fun and quirky way to start the day.


Add Yoga to the Program

Conferences usually involve a whole lot of sitting still. To counteract this, give people a productive way to stretch with yoga sessions between presentations. When coupled with meditation, yoga can help you relax physically and refresh emotionally, helping you be more prepared for the next session.


Put a Surprise on the Menu

If you’re serving food, add a bit of spice to the menu by giving the option of a chef’s surprise. This small addition to your day is not only because of personality, but it is also an exciting talking point come lunchtime. A chef’s surprise shouldn’t be your only menu item, but as an option, it adds a fine sprinkling of spontaneity to an otherwise structured day.


Pull the Plug on PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a revolutionary way to engage your audience and make a statement—or at least it was ten years ago. The PowerPoint format has served conferences well over the years, but better ways exist to create a more dynamic presentation. 

You could try different software, such as Prezi, or create infographics to accompany presentations. Remember, any indication should be visual and complementary. Give your audience something to show their colleagues, not just your speech notes.


Try a Costume Conference

Asking attendees to dress like superheroes might sound farfetched, but consider the benefits of a themed event. The obvious one is that it automatically makes your event less formal and more fun. You can also draw lessons from the theme you choose. Teach your participants what it means to be a corporate superhero, and teach them that with great power comes great responsibility. 

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