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Food, glorious food. Imagine being surrounded by great venues where you can kick back and relax. Well it’s all within walking distance from ‘The Playford’. It’s here, right in the heart of Adelaide where you’ll find some of the best eateries and coolest venues that you’re every likely to come across. There’s nothing quite like them for pure entertainment, atmosphere and excellent food.

Foods from Adelaide Venues
Foods from Adelaide Venues

Café Culture

Let’s start with cafes. It’s al fresco dining all the way. Turn down any street in the heart of the city and you’ll find a great place to drop in for coffee and a casual bite, maybe a long lunch, or an even longer dinner. If you hit Gouger Street, you’re right in the centre of food heaven. Your taste senses will immediately begin to struggle because of the extraordinary choice of cuisines on offer. There’s a real Asian mix going on here; Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Thai. Throw in Korean and Indian, a bit of French and Argentinean, and you won’t know where to start. On top of that you’ll also be faced with another food dilemma. You see, you’re right next to the Central Market where fine foods flourish, and Chinatown, which has any number of exotic and fascinating restaurants.

Pub Crawl

Ok. Start counting. There are more than one hundred pubs to choose from in Adelaide and nearby suburbs. Take your pick from a corner pub with plenty of character to something a bit more up-market. The pub scene in Adelaide is really on the go. Whether it’s a place to catch up with friends and have some traditional pub fare, sink a few of the local’s finest, or tap your feet to some great music, you’re sure to find a pub to suit. If you feel like wandering further afield to experience even more atmosphere, then you can head to the Adelaide Hills. In just 20 minutes, you’ll discover exactly what you’re after. We call them cozy hills hotels. Now if you fancy a beer with a splash of salt, then there are plenty of pubs along the coastline, most are only 30 minutes from the city.

Night Life

It’s evening now and you’re wondering what bar to tackle. Feel like a sand and sandal epic? Then go Roman. The Bacchus Bar at Henley Beach, named after the God of food and wine, has the perfect setting. Take a seat on the waterfront and order away. Choose from fine wine, boutique beers and inspired cocktails. Maybe you want something that’s a bit hip and out there. Flit on down to the Dragonfly Bar on Victoria Square. It’s a boutique size room with retro furniture, mood lighting and disco balls. European and Asian food is served with classic cocktails, boutique beers and quality wine. For a bit more space and style have a bite of The Apple Bar. The expansive area features an inbuilt stage plus a mezzanine level with balcony views onto the ground floor. Food is great and so is the music.

After all that, you’re revelling in the luxury surroundings of ‘The Playford’. All you need is a good night’s sleep before doing it all again tomorrow.

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