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So you’re chatting over another memorable dinner at ‘The Playford’, and you’re planning your next day of Adelaide sight seeing and wondering whether there are some very unique and different things on offer. Well, we’re pleased to tell you there certainly are. And they’re very different. Special tours full of romance, creativity and intrigue.

top view of a man with white hat rowing a black boat

On the river

Your adventure begins with a gondola tour. Don’t they only happen in Venice? Not according to Adelaide Gondola who can provide you with a very unique Venetian experience that you can enjoy on the River Torrens, right in the heart of Adelaide. It’s pure romance all the way as you glide silently across serene waters taking in the impressive sights and architecture and the beautiful, luscious surrounds all while sipping some of Australia’s finest sparkling wines. Adelaide’s Gondola Tours operates seven days a week throughout the day. If you’d like to savor the sunset and experience the magic of the river at dusk and into the evening, a special tour can be easily arranged.

Snapper’s special

Now everyone takes pictures to remind themselves of their holiday experience. How about learning to take great photos with an Adelaide Photography Tour. You’ll be taken through the city streets with a professional photographer and you’ll visit the best spots to capture the best shots. You’ll learn how to creatively use your own digital camera and be shown all the technical and creative possibilities. Through a set of photography challenges, your tutor and professional photographer will take you through a fun and educational journey on how to snap the best.

The scream tour

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, if you don’t, you might have second thoughts after taking a Ghost Crime Tour. You’ll be taken on a tour of some of Adelaide’s most historical and notorious crime scenes dating back to the 1800’s. You’ll visit spooky buildings frequented by ghosts and apparitions in Adelaide’s lost and forgotten graveyards, like the building of ‘Jasper’ the ghost. You’ll be told the tale of the sailor found in the Port River and visit the hotel where the ghost of a sailor has been looking for his mate. These are just some of the extraordinary crime stories that highlight the port’s criminal past and haunted present.

Drink and drive

Now for something that’s an absolute classic: Professionally chauffeured tours in an American classic vehicle with full liquor license to keep the party going. You can take short and half day tours, or if you have more time, one or two day tours. It’s all style, all relaxation. You can choose from pre-set tours, or you can arrange a tour to suit yourself. It’s totally up to you. If you’d like to travel in something more luxurious, stretch limousines are at your beck and call. Highlights could include boutique wineries, the Keg Factory, Mangler Hill Lookout, Angus Park Fruits and the Whispering Wall. If you fancy the wineries, you can even be driven to the wonderful Barossa if you wish.

Experience another side of Adelaide. Take a tour that’s bound to surprise, delight, haunt and surprise you. . Whatever tours you take, there will certainly be a lot to talk about when you return to ‘The Playford’.

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