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 Everyone needs to experience fine dining once in his or her lifetime. Just like how skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. are on a lot of people’s bucket list, so is fine dining. Sadly, not every restaurant provides fine dining in Adelaide. Well, since restaurants with excellent fine dining are rare, why not come on down to The Playford hotel? 

The Playford restaurant ticks every box you need for the ultimate fine dining. We offer high-end dining services that amplify the fine dining experience. Here are some reasons why The Playford Hotel is the place to be when you’re looking for the ultimate fine dining experience.



Décor and Ambience


One thing that makes a dining fine is the environment and décor. At The Playford Hotel, the ambience in our restaurant will put you in a good mood. The music in our restaurant is such that it entertains but doesn’t disturb you. The décor of our restaurant also resonates with luxury and sophistication. We guarantee that once you step into our restaurant, you’ll feel like you’ve left Adelaide. 


Our servers also help with a spectacular mood. They cater to your table’s needs without disrupting the excellent mood; everything is smooth like a perfect choreography. Everyone needs to experience the fine dining we offer in The Playford Hotel once in his or her life. 



Food and Kitchen Crew


We may not have mentioned this before, but our restaurant at The Playford has won multiple awards. The awards alone speak for the quality of our food and chefs.  We use only the best of organic Adelaide produce for our award-winning meals. We use organic, biodynamic, and free-range produce wherever possible, with no genetically modified foods. You can rest assured that everything you eat in our restaurant is organic and natural. 


Our menu is also as inclusive and exotic as it gets. Our breakfast, alone, boasts an extensive array of local and exotic fruits, bread, and traditional hot breakfast accompaniments. The best part about our restaurant is that you can book a reservation online. Yes, you book a reservation to experience our fine dining from the comfort of your room.



Fine Dining in Adelaide, Drinks Included!


After you’ve finished eating our top-notch meals, you can go down to The Playford’s lounge bar for the next fine dining experience. Once you enter the Playford’s lounge bar, you’ll notice the welcoming and warm but luxurious décor.  You get to have your pick out of our extensive beverage list. We offer popular cocktails and even have our signature drink, the Firepit, which is the local favourite.  



At The Playford Hotel, we make sure everyone that visits us gets a taste of that fine dining experience. You’re reading this on your phone or laptop, so why not make that reservation now.

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