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It’s almost time to hold your annual business conference, seminar, etc., but you still have issues finding the perfect venue. There are so many conference venues to choose from in Adelaide. But time may not be on your side. You’ve checked many venues but have yet to find one that checks all your boxes. Well, that’s because you’ve not come to the Playford Hotel. Our conference venues have all the facilities needed to succeed in any meeting. 

What makes our conference venues stand out? We have:



A lot of guests from all over Adelaide will be attending your conference. There’s even a possibility you’ll get international visitors. 

Imagine a scenario where most people get lost or can’t find the chosen venue. It’s going to be a bad experience for them. This will discourage them from attending any other seminar or coaching class you organise. Also, you’ll spend the whole day giving directions and won’t have time to listen to other things.

The Playford Hotel will save your guests a lot of stress. Our hotel is very renowned, and getting directions is very easy. 


Comfortable seating

How much do you care about your guests’ comfort? You want your guests to be comfortable so they can pay attention. So many Adelaide conference venues are crowded and barely have enough breathing space. You don’t want a situation where your guests are squeezed and barely have enough space to stretch their legs.

The chairs in our conference rooms are a delight to sit on. All the chairs are well-spaced to ensure that everyone has their own space.


Proper facilities

There are so many things that a venue should have before it qualifies. It should have:

  • Properly functioning air conditioners: Many centres have air conditioners that barely work. A relaxed atmosphere would set the tone for your seminar or meeting. But a hot one would be unbearable, and some of your guests might even leave.
  • Projectors and other tech equipment: You’ll need these facilities set up to help you save costs. Bringing your projector, speakers, etc., will be expensive. Go for a venue that will help you save costs. At the Playford hostel, our tech team ensures everything is well-connected. Your professional conference will go smoothly with our fast WiFi and Bose speakers.


At the Playford Hotel, our conference room has all the equipment you and your attendees need. We even have toilet facilities in case they want to handle personal business.


Hotel benefits

While you’re at our hotel, you deserve the best treatment. Be extra and take advantage of our hotel’s facilities. Our award-winning kitchen will impress your colleagues if you want to feed your attendees. Winding down after a professional meeting is always a good idea. Our bar has a collection of cocktails and drinks you can order before you leave.


A professional conference is your chance to make an impression—make it a good one by coming to the Playford Hotel. Book now to reserve a slot!

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