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The key to engagement parties is finding the perfect way to celebrate a couple’s love and commitment to each other. They have to be relevant and they have to be engaging, but most of all they need to be fun for everyone. 

Choosing a theme for your engagement party can really bring the event to life and it’s the perfect icebreaker for people who are meeting for the first time. Themed parties promote excitement and get people involved on the day. The only thing you have to do is find the theme that’s right for you. 

floral tea set in a chic style

Luckily, our experts have compiled their favourite picks to give you some inspiration. 

Think Pink with Vintage Rose

Nothing says love quite like a rose so why not make this idea the focus of your engagement party. A vintage rose theme partners muted pink and neutral colours with floral displays. From interior decoration to food and drink, it’s the perfect way to celebrate your day. 

Adorn the edges of your venue with pink roses, get themed plates and cups and even try serving rose-coloured cupcakes. This warm and fun theme is sure to leave people smiling and put the new couple’s love at the centre of the celebration. 

A Taste of the 1920s

If you want a chic and stylish celebration that gives you an excuse to put your hair up, take a trip back to the 1920s. 20s glam is all about lace dresses headpieces, incredible hair pieces, glitz, glamour and sophistication. Think the Great Gatsby if you need some inspiration! 

If an elegant, dramatic and glamorous soiree sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your relationship, then 20s glam is perfect for you. 

Hold a Hamptons High Tea 

Engagement parties should be classy affairs and nothing says sophistication quite like a cup of tea. Combine this with the luxurious spirit of the Hamptons, and you’ve got yourself a delightful engagement treat. 

Sit down with family and friends to enjoy some decadent treats and some hot tea. Pull out your finest crockery tea set, put on a flowing dress, and enjoy a truly special day. 

A Modern Fairy Tale

When people get engaged they’re starting the first chapter of their own fairy tale. Why not open this story with a modern retelling of princes, princesses and the promise of true love. Start by setting the scene with some soft lighting and floral displays. White and light blues should be the colour of the day and tables should be adorned with beautiful glassware. 

Men can wear their finest suits while women don impressive gowns and together the couple and their guests can celebrate enduring love. When searching for venues, ballrooms and balconies should be high on your list so you recreate iconic moments that come right out of a fairy tale. 

Throw a Stylish Soiree

Sometimes a simple, stylish event is the finest way to say I love you. If you want to create a stylish yet understated event, start by hiring a comfortable venue and organising your favourite foods. Forego clichéd activities and extravagant settings in favour of more subtle atmosphere. A formal, sit down meal with restaurant quality food and a captivating view might be the way to go. 

There are our five favourite ideas for an engagement party. If you’ve got any that you love, feel free to share them in the comments. 

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