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The first and most crucial task in organizing your special event in Adelaide is securing a suitable venue. All of the other details of the event cannot be arranged until you have booked a venue. No one can deny that food and entertainment also play an essential role in any special occasion. The venue, however, sets the scene and influences the experience of your guests more.

Every special event venue has a limited number of people it can accommodate at a time. That is why you need to make sure the special event venue you choose can comfortably accommodate the number of guests you intend to invite.


Physical Size vs Room Capacity

A lot of people confuse the room size with its capacity. The physical size of any special event venue is essential, but it does not reflect its capacity accurately. In other words, it does not matter how big the space is, as much as how big it feels.

The layout of the room can make two venues of the same size feel entirely different. That is why you should check the capacity of the venue against the nature of your special event. A seated dinner, for example, will take more space than a standing cocktail party.

The comfort of your guests is a top priority to us, at The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery by Sofitel. Therefore, when we plan and estimate the capacity of our special event venues, we keep in mind that the guests should be able to move freely and the seats should not be placed too close to each other.


Different Venues with Various Capacities

At The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery by Sofitel, we know it is essential for the success of any unique event that the space of the venue fits the number of attendees perfectly. Otherwise, the venue will feel crowded and claustrophobic, if the room is too small. On the other hand, your special event will feel empty and lack in ambience if the space was too large.

That is why we offer various function rooms with different spaces. Each exclusive event venue at our hotel can accommodate a different number of guests, depending on the seating layout.


The Ballroom

The largest special event venue we have. Covering 385 square-metres, it features chandeliers and gold leafed walls with floor to ceiling windows leading out to balcony views overlooking the bustling North Terrace Boulevard.

It can accommodate around 600 guests in a cocktail setting, and 25 tables in a cabaret set up. The Ballroom, along with the Adelaide Room, can both be subdivided into three smaller special event venues each.


The Adelaide Room

For smaller, cosier special events, this 120 square-metre venue can accommodate 120 guests of a cocktail party and 70 persons in a banquet seating layout.

For more information about the capacity of our unique event venues and the different packages we offer, contact The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery by Sofitel today!

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