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Schedule planning, selecting quality speakers, and curating a guest list are all important. However, all the hard hours spent on these tasks will be wasted unless you choose the right conference venue.

The conference room you hire for your next Adelaide business event significantly impacts your outcome. Even if everything else is point-perfect, lousy-quality audio, dark rooms, and dingy facilities can kill the success of any conference in a second.

The fitting conference room will allow you to reach your event goals productively and effectively. The ideal venue has all the necessary tech tools to transmit your message. Whether training staff, sharing valuable information or launching a new product, you’ll need good audio, light, and visual aids during your event.

Additionally, you must offer a comfortable space for your guests. You don’t want an ugly, crowded room stealing the spotlight over what you’re trying to say. Comfortable seating, a pleasant environment, and comfortable lounging facilities will keep your guests engaged and on task!

If you have a business event in Adelaide, hire a fitting conference room.

Here are a few  of the things to consider before you hire a conference room in Adelaide:


What Tools Do You Need And Does Your Venue Have Them?

Will your speaker use a microphone? Will you play any music, videos, or pre-recorded presentations at any point? Will you require any visual aids, such as a PowerPoint presentation? You’ll have to answer all these questions before you even start hunting down potential conference room hires.

At first, a conference venue might seem perfect. But, if upon investigation, you find out they don’t provide any of the sound or visual equipment you need, it’s time to move on. In Adelaide, you’ll be able to find a conference room for hire that offers top-of-the-line equipment. Why do you struggle to bring in your equipment or do without? There’s no need to settle for less. To host a unique, successful event, better be prepared!


How Much Space Do You Require?

Be precise when evaluating your venue capacity needs. You don’t want to hire a small Adelaide conference room only to have tons of people show up, unable to find a space to sit. Leasing an area that’s too big is also a bad idea. Not only will your event look sad and empty, but you’ll be paying more for the larger space.

You can scout for the perfect conference room once you figure out how many will attend your event. Narrow your favourite venues to those that best accommodate your guest list.


Is Your Conference Venue The Best Choice In Terms Of Accessibility?

You want to select a conference venue that is accessible to all, or at least most, of the attendees. The place you choose must be easy to find and reach. If your guests are travelling to your event, factor it in. Is on-site accommodation available at your selected conference room? If not, it would be fitting to keep looking. The easier it is for people to reach your event, the higher the turnout.


Choose The Playford Hotel for Your Next Conference!

We have 5-star conference rooms for hire in Adelaide with different capacities. With beautiful facilities, well-thought-out extras, and all the technology you need, there’s no better choice.

Contact us today for more information about our conference rooms and business events!

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