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If you run a business or work at a big corporate setting, chances are you spend a large chunk of your day at meetings. Nowadays, hardly anything can happen without having a meeting to discuss it beforehand. And of course, a follow-up meeting to discuss the results.

Meetings take up time, money and planning efforts. They also require most attending parties to practice active listening, argumentative skills and a great deal of patience. So, why do we have meetings?

The truth is that meetings are absolutely vital for any business. Even when they steal precious work hours from your workday. Through conferences, it is easier to coordinate several connected projects between different departments, discuss internal issues and brainstorm new marketing tactics and products.

Just like relationships require excellent communication to stay strong, your business does too. With so many minds, ideas, and projects going on at once, lack of communication can be fatal.

In short: your business meetings have to stay. However, there’s no reason why you can’t optimise them to save time and enhance productivity.


Do you want to improve your Adelaide business meetings?

Before you hire a meeting room, make sure you check out the tips below! With the right prep and Adelaide meeting room hire, your meetings will never be the same!


Remember That Time Is Money

When you hire a meeting room, you’ll be paying for the amount of time you have access to such room. If you are hiring an additional coffee service during your meeting, that costs money as well. If your session runs for longer, you might also consider hiring some kind of foodservice. On top of all this, the time your employees spend at the meeting is time not spent at directly productive work. So before you head out to your next meeting, make sure that you adjust your mindset accordingly. Try your best to stay on task and avoid wasting any time on unnecessary tasks.


Define A Clear Meeting Goals and Tasks List

How can you ever accomplish something if you don’t even know what you’re trying to achieve? Before you hire your Adelaide meeting room, define what matters should be discussed and what you want to get out of the meeting. The best meetings start with a clear idea of what needs to be talked through and resolved. This way, you’ll be able to make better use of time. Stay focused, and you’ll power through any issue!

The more efficient you are with your time, the better it will be, cost-wise. You don’t want to end up running out of time and having to book extra hours and services. Plus, with this type of last-minute situations, you risk running into a lot of trouble. If your room was pre-booked for a later event on the same day, getting an extension might be impossible!


Take Full Advantage Of The Available Resources At Your Meeting Room Facilities

Want to present a new project with a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation? Need to use graphs, tables or other visual aids? Could you benefit from using a microphone? In some cases, additional resources can improve your work meeting experiences. Before you hire your Adelaide meeting room, figure out what extras are available at your venue. You might be able to incorporate extra features into your meetings to improve productivity.


Want Your Meetings To Be Real Game Changers For Your Business?

At the Playford Hotel, Adelaide, we have the best facilities and resources for all your meetings.


Call us and hire a meeting room today.

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