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Getting a solid response and turnout is the goal of every conference organiser. Several things can be done to increase the odds of this happening, ranging from the workshop structure to marketing to signing on with the best conference rooms in Adelaide at The Playford Hotel. Here are five tips for making your workshop a sell-out:


1. Choose a Focused Topic

While you might think a broad topic will appeal to more people than a more focused one, the opposite is true. A narrow, comprehensive focus will get a more robust response than a shallow, broad one. The workshop should focus on solving a common problem with a specific group, such as “Online Marketing for the Self-Employed” or “Assisting Health Care Providers in Improving Perioperative Care.”


2. Promote the Experience

One of the best ways to make a workshop stand out is by highlighting what sets it apart from other conferences. What will make your workshop a unique experience above all others? Be sure to highlight key speakers, the features and amenities of the conference venue, any individual food items being served, and any included bonus activities. Promote the elements that will make this workshop unique and memorable, not just the content.


3. Find Your Ideal Price Point

Your workshop should be priced reasonably but not too low. Workshops priced higher with a specialised topic and unique additional perks will likely get a more robust response than those priced at the lower end of the spectrum. There is a perceived value in pricing, and workshops priced at the higher end tend to be perceived more favourably than those that look too much like a “bargain.”

At this stage, the importance of hiring conference facilities in a venue with exceptional service and facilities from The Playford Hotel may be worth noting. Your guests can indulge in world-class cuisine at The Playford Restaurant or perk themselves up with a delicious Vittoria coffee at The Playford Lounge Bar.


4. Create “Buzz” with a Preview Video

Another excellent way to get people excited about an event is to make a preview video with highlights from last year’s event and previews of what attendees can expect this year. The video can include testimonials from past attendees, clips from speakers and presenters, and interviews with organisers highlighting what will make the conference a “can’t miss” event.

All of The Playford Hotel’s conference and meeting rooms are equipped with high-quality AV equipment so that you can impress your attendees with your media presentations. The Playford Hotel also offers a complete business centre and high-speed Wi-Fi connection, so you and your guests can stay in touch.


5. Offer a Clear, Valuable Takeaway

Potential attendees should also be shown what they will come away with from the event; for example, “After this workshop, small business owners will have all the tools they need to use social media to promote their businesses.” The workshop should focus on achieving the stated goal as efficiently as possible. Today’s workshop attendees aren’t as satisfied with receiving more data; they want actionable information that gets them to a valuable purpose. Make sure your workshop promises and provides this.

Every conference organiser wants their event to be a sell-out, and these five tips can help accomplish this. From choosing an ideal workshop focus and price point to hiring the best function rooms and event staff at The Playford Hotel, use these tips to attract quality attendees and make your workshop a memorable experience for all.

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