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The real work of teams is done in meetings, but not every meeting is effective. Great teams embrace meetings, but getting to that point can prove to be a process. Below are a few of our tips to help you in reclaiming control of your meetings, to make them both a productivity tool and a competitive advantage for your business.

Tips for an Effective Meeting

  1. Location

Choose a location that is suitable for the amount of attendees. Too many people in a small room leads to a stuffy and tense atmosphere. A larger meeting room is more comfortable and encourages individual expression. If possible, arrange seating within the room so that members face each other, either in a circle or U-shaped rows to facilitate open discussion. For smaller meetings, a classic boardroom table is ideal.

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  1. Time Management

For an effective meeting, it’s important to keep an eye on the clock. Without managing time, it is easy to become careless and unfocused. Keep in mind that when your staff attend a meeting, they cannot do any other work, so make the time count. Start the meeting on time and end on time, or even a few minutes early.

  1. Preparation

If you’re in charge of running the meeting, it’s obviously important for effectiveness that you be well prepared. But ensuring that all the participants can be prepared as well is important too. If you can, distribute the meeting agenda at least a day before the meeting, so they can arrive feeling prepared too.

  1. Clarity

Without clarifying the next steps to be taken and who needs to take them, a meeting can easily prove ineffective.

If any decisions were made at the meeting, the meeting organiser should clearly summarise what needs to be done, by which person and by what time or date. If the participants leave the meeting and no one is accountable for taking action, then the meeting will have been a waste of time for all attendees.

  1. Refreshments

This should be an obvious tip, but serving light refreshments at a meeting is important. Refreshments prove to be good icebreakers and make your members feel special and comfortable. If the meeting is lengthy, providing breaks in which members can enjoy the refreshments can help to maintain focus and ensure they are not overwhelmed.

  1. Follow Up

If decisions and task delegations have been made during the meeting, you need to follow them up at an appropriate time. Make sure that all meeting attendees understand what has been discussed, the plan going forward and that they carry out their responsibilities.

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