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Business conferences usually go one of two ways. They’re either successful meetings of minds where people gather to learn and network, or they’re slightly mind-numbingly gatherings that employees feel obliged to attend. 

Making your conference smooth, engaging and educational is the trick to success but achieving this is easier said than done. There are a range of aspects that you need to consider – from location to keynote speakers – that will either make your conference memorable, or easily forgotten. 

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To ensure a successful event for you and your guests, you need to be prepared. To help you on your journey, here are our insider tips for a successful business conference. 

Make the Most out of Technology

These days a successful conference is about more than a speaker standing in front of a PowerPoint presentation. Make sure your venue has audio-visual equipment and that you have someone around you that knows how to use it. Use technology to automate anything you can and make sure you run tests before you get started. Nothing ruins your momentum like technical difficulties. 

Give Out the Information Early

What better way is there to engage attendees in what you have to say then by making relevant resources available to them prior to the day? Organising programs, marketing resources and more will give people everything they need to start engaging with your topics. It can help to promote your conference and hopefully avoid unnecessary questions.  

Stick to Your Schedule

Sometimes the simplest things are also the most important. Sticking to your schedule will prevent things from feeling like they’re dragging on and promote the idea of a tightly run event. Engage time keepers who can keep speakers on track and ensure that things are prepared so you can start and end each day as planned. 

Engage Compelling Speakers

Have you ever been at a presentation that goes on and on and on? Just like not every expert can teach, not all experts can communicate well either. Make sure you look for people who aren’t just experts in their fields but those who are compelling too. If necessary, give your presenters a crash course with professional speaking lessons. 

Tweet to the World

Twitter might restrict you to 140 characters, but there’s a lot you can say in that little space. Make the most out of Twitter by using it to communicate with guests throughout the conference. You can alert them to when your conference is starting, answer pressing questions and even present snippets of extra material that complement the event.

Using a hashtag for your event is a great way to create a community and promote your conference for next year.

Choose an Excellent Venue

A great venue is about more than ample space and access to technology. Find a venue that’s convenient to get to and comfortable to create as enjoyable an atmosphere as possible.

If you’re looking for a conference venue in Adelaide, The Playford ticks all these boxes. Our 5 star boutique hotel has a range of conference rooms too, for big and small events. You can enjoy light, air conditioned comfort and WiFi access, among other great benefits.

Find out more about our meeting rooms or contact us today to discuss your requirements. Give us a call on 08 8213 8888 to get started.

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