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Adelaide is a lively place offering a wide selection of cultural and culinary delights to the tourists that flock the city each year. Carefully planning your travel experience will help you make the most out of Adelaide and its many attractions. To set yourself up for success during your travels, selecting the right hotel should be the first thing on your list. The right combination of comfort, location, and amenities will make your trip to Adelaide as enjoyable as can be! Need help deciding on your Adelaide stay? In today’s post, we’ll guide you through your luxury accommodation Adelaide selection.

Your Guide to Selecting a Luxury Accommodation in Adelaide

Define Your Priorities

The purpose of your travelling plans should dictate your Adelaide luxury accommodation selection. Business travellers need to seek out business centre facilities and proximity to engagements during their travels. Those travelling for relaxation purposes can benefit from selecting a location with spa or health-club facilities. For a couple taking a romantic weekend getaway, a hotel with exquisitely designed rooms and excellent dining facilities is necessary. Overall, the most essential features in your Adelaide luxury accommodation will be those that match your travel plans.

Take a Detailed Look at the Hotel’s Website

The best way to get to know a hotel, besides visiting the facilities is by looking at their hotel website. At the website, you’ll encounter photos and detailed descriptions of guest rooms, amenities and other facilities. Browsing through the site will also help you get an idea of what type of travel experience the hotel is suited for.

Verify the Rooms Will Meet Your Standards

Before booking the first room on the menu, make sure that the facilities have everything you need to best enjoy your vacation. All hotel rooms should be clean and presentable. However, luxury accommodations in Adelaide can offer a lot more besides the basics. If you are looking for a unique travel experience, consider choosing a hotel with extra comfy and stylish rooms and suites.

Get Acquainted with the Accommodation’s Reputation

Testimonials are a great place to verify the Adelaide luxury accommodation of your choice will meet your standards and expectations. A great source of information to consult is online guest reviews. Your fellow travellers will best give you unbiased information about their stay. Another great way to confirm the quality of an Adelaide luxury accommodation is by consulting the hotel’s awards. Has this hotel received any awards? For what categories and how long ago? Not only are awards an indicator of quality, but they’ll also help you identify the hotel’s strengths.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for the best luxury accommodation in Adelaide? Make sure to consider The Playford Hotel for your next getaway. Located in Adelaide’s cultural precinct, our luxury accommodation is the best spot to immerse yourself in the city’s lively streets and cuisine. Designed in Art Nouveau style, you’ll find charming sights in every inch of the hotel. Find out more about our luxury accommodation in Adelaide by contacting us. You can reach us by calling 61 8 8213 8888 or emailing at

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