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The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel is becoming increasingly popular among businesses seeking a conference venue in Adelaide because of the quality and variety of conference facilities it offers. You can host your conference on any one of the seven function rooms with natural light, chandeliers, gold-leafed walls, bathroom facilities, a dedicated bar, and lift access.

The Hotel also offers the Ballroom, Boardroom, and Adelaide Rooms. The Ballroom has floor-to-ceiling windows and balcony access. In addition to a solid wooden boardroom table, the Boardroom features modern audio-visual conference equipment.

Must-Have Modern Conference Venue Facilities to Look For

Renting a conference venue in Adelaide is only one of corporate planning. However, for your event to be a success, there are a lot of aspects you need to piece together. While the requirements vary from one business to another, there are a few things that many practices need for their event to run smoothly.

Here are the essential requirements you need for your conference.

  • Projection Screen/Smart Board. Make sure the conference room you hire has a smart board and projection screen. Some of the features that the projection screen should have, include a mouse-hover functionality and multi-touch feature that can accommodate more than one user to allow for flexible interactions between members.
  • Wi-Fi. Internet connectivity should be a given for any modern conference venue in Adelaide. With high-speed bandwidth and connection, multiple users can easily access the internet during the meeting to research relevant information to the event at hand.
  • Top-Quality Audio. Inspect the essential audio equipment available at the conference venue. These include surround sound speaker system and high-quality microphones. Having powerful audio equipment ensures that speakers can communicate effectively with the conference attendees without any member being left out of the conversation.
  • Seating Arrangements. The number of people you plan to invite to the event will determine the seating arrangement. Options include a classroom-style arrangement, a hollow square, boardroom style setup, or a U-shape arrangement. Consult a corporate event planner to find the ideal layout and programme to fit your conference goals.
  • Video Conferencing System. Some crucial participants of the conference may not be able to attend in person. In this case, you need video conferencing equipment to make international calls to facilitate remote attendance to the meetings. In addition to high-quality equipment, you also need a high-speed internet connection.
  • Digital Projectors. Top-quality business projectors will ensure that speakers at your event make compelling presentations. The primary consideration to make when comparing projectors used by different venues is the lumen output versus the room size. Large rooms need 4500-7000 lumens while 3000-4500 lumens are enough for small rooms.
  • Efficient Conference Venue Staff. Hosting a successful conference requires technical skills and workforce. You want to organise your conference at a venue that has got a skilled technical team to make sure equipment is running as it should and professional staff to take care of the attendees.

Having served a diverse set of business clients for many years, The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel has all the equipment and skilled staff needed to ensure your conference achieves its objectives.


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