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Organizing a corporate meeting is a task that requires efficiency and careful planning. The success of your event reflects on you as a professional but also affects your company’s productivity. If you want to guarantee your meeting’s success, booking a professional meeting room is your best choice. In today’s post, we’ll give you the best tips to select the perfect meeting room.


How to Choose the Perfect Meeting Room


Select a Convenient Location


If you want to boost results and minimize absences, you need to hire an Adelaide meeting room that is conveniently located. Choose a venue that is within a short driving distance from your place of work. Make sure that the location is easy to reach by public transport and has plenty of parking spaces. If you are going to be attending frequent meetings, booking an accessible meeting room will save all participants a lot of trouble.


Ask About Additional Services


Hosting a productive meeting requires a lot more than a comfortable Adelaide meeting room. Ideally, you’ll want to supply your team with the right work tools and commodities. The perfect meeting room should have modern technology allowing you to display slideshows and present other relevant information. Adding coffee or food service is also a great way to make meeting participants more comfortable. 


Book within Your Budget


The whole point of business meetings is to improve performance and results. Exceeding your spending budget on an expensive venue will hardly do your company any good. To host a valuable conference, you need to select a meeting room that adapts to your budget. At the same time, don’t downgrade on quality just to save money. Having your business meetings in an ugly, uncomfortable room will reflect poorly on the company.


Choose the Right Meeting Room Size 


Depending on the size of your Adelaide event, you might choose to hire a large or small meeting room. Intimate gatherings can be hosted at a smaller function room and typically require fewer services. On the other hand, large meetings require ample space and far more planning.


Are you hosting a more significant event, with guests travelling from outside the Adelaide area? If so, we recommend you choose a meeting room with easy access to accommodations. You might also want to look for a larger venue with dining and recreational amenities to use during meeting breaks.


The Playford’s Meeting Rooms


At The Playford Hotel, you’ll find the best meeting rooms in Adelaide. Our function rooms feature Bose sound and dedicated high-speed lines. Paired with our in-house audio-visual technical service, available 24 hours a day, all your meeting needs will be fully taken care of. Additionally, we can provide fantastic catering solutions and accommodations for travelling guests.


For more information on our Adelaide meeting room hires, contact us by calling +61 8 8213 8888 or fill out our contact form here.

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