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How you start your year sets the tone for your business. If you start the business year by treating your staff and partners to a meeting they’ll never forget, you’ll boost their morale. Once you’ve decided on the date, you want to have your first meeting of the year, and the conference venue issue comes in. What are the conference venues to consider in Adelaide?


There are a lot, but going through all of them will waste your time. Save yourself the effort and host your next business meeting at the Playford hotel


Our conference venues are the best for your business because:


Accessible Location


When you’re hosting a meeting, the venue’s location is crucial. Many attendees will have other engagements and will hurry to arrive. Therefore, the venue must be somewhere they can easily find. You don’t want to host an event at a place that’s too far or obscure.


The Playford Hotel is located in the heart of Adelaide’s cultural precinct and is popular. We’ve never had any complaints because it’s easy to locate. And if you’re having any issues, google maps can assist you without a hitch. 




Depending on your needs and expectations, we have different conference venues you can choose from. Our venues have various designs that will help set the mood you’re going for. Our meeting rooms also come in various sizes to cater to everyone you’re expecting.


You must go for a venue that’s adequate for the number of people you’re expecting. Renting a large room for a small set of people may sound tempting. But you’ll have issues communicating with them because of how much they’ll be spaced out.


Make your meeting more intimate by renting the right-sized conference room. 




Comfort is essential during a meeting. You want your workers to have a good time while they’re listening to everything you’re saying. Hard chairs or small tables that are too small will be very inconvenient. Some Adelaide conference venues don’t even have tables. 


Treating your business partners to a luxury treatment will set a good tone for the rest of the year. In addition, this will help boost your worker’s morale since they’ll be having a lovely time.


Proper Tech Support


An inadequate tech setup will frustrate you and ruin your meeting. For example, an inaudible or screechy mic, poor lighting and connectivity issues are some problems you could experience. 


When you’re renting any conference venue, ask how much support they’ll offer. For example, some venues will expect you to bring your speakers, extra lighting etc., and this would be an inconvenience.


Renting any of our conference venues comes with in-house tech support. So the connection won’t be a problem with high tech speakers and fast WIFI.




It won’t be too expensive if you treat your workers to a good time after. Food from our award-winning restaurant will make your meeting an unforgettable experience. Our stocked bar is also a perfect place for everybody to unwind if you’d like to be more casual.


Make your first meeting unforgettable with the Playford hotel. Book now to secure a slot.

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