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Finding the best wedding venue for your blissful ceremony isn’t an easy task. There are so many requirements you’ll need and wedding venues to tick off, but you’ll hardly find one that’s an allrounder. However, if you’re in Adelaide and can testify to these problems, we have something for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the best-ranked wedding venues in Adelaide. These are venues that give you everything you’d need on your best day; beautiful scenery, inclusivity and mouth-watering cuisine. 

Adelaide Pavilion

The Adelaide Pavilion is located at Veale Gardens, corner South Terrace & Peacock Road, Adelaide SA 5000. They’ve been hosting weddings for decades and are one of the safest hands you can be in if you’re inexperienced.

It’s a highly coveted venue due to a myriad of reasons. Let’s start from the view, the view is amazing and one you’d want to remember with your special day. They can decorate the venue to fit the number of people you want to accommodate. They have various wedding packages you can select from that cover things from feeding to accommodation.

The elegance of the Adelaide Pavilion makes it one of the best wedding venues you can get in Adelaide.

Mitolo Wines

Are you a lover of nature? Then you’d love Mitolo wines. At this venue, you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature. Mitolo is a venue straight out of a fairy-tale due to the lush vineyards and trees surrounding it.

Due to the size, it can accommodate hundreds of guests comfortably while catering to them. They also serve meals and wine straight from their vineyard. The price also depends on the wedding package you want. You can find Mitolo at 141 McMurtrie Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171.

Old Oval Estate

The oval estate is a place you’d fall in love with your partner all over again. It’s an impressive sight due to its impressive background and spacious scenery. With skilled professional wedding planners with years of experience, your wedding is definitely going to be a day you’d never forget.

Which do you prefer? An indoor or outdoor ceremony? You get to choose which venue and say your vows with nature around you. Guests can hang around and have drinks after the festivities are over. It’s at 18 Sand Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171.

The Playford Hotel

The Playford Hotel is our best wedding venue in Adelaide. It is situated in the heart of Adelaide’s cultural precinct. So if you’re a lover of the arts, you’re going to have a wonderful time here. The Playford Hotel is a very inviting spot with beautiful scenery, spacious enough to host all your family, friends, and more.

World-class cuisine is a package deal with the Playford hotel; the award-winning kitchen will whip up meals you can’t taste anywhere else. A live band and cocktails that set the mood will keep you and your guests entertained. And when you’re finally ready to retire for the day, you have a wide selection of luxury accommodation to choose from.

There are a wide variety of wedding venues to select from in Adelaide. The Playford Hotel is always available to host your wedding day; book on our website now because our slots are limited!

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