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Are you thinking about hiring a conference room for your next Adelaide conference? Before you do, make sure you have everything you need for it to succeed.

Hosting a conference can do wonders for any business. That is if it’s actually successful. The goal should be to host a productive event that is also engaging, fun and leads to real benefits for your business.


Make Your Adelaide Conference Room Hire A Worthwhile Investment

Business conferences take up all kinds of resources. You have to hire a planning team and working staff. Spend money on food, office supplies, and presentation props. Plus, you’ll have to spend your valuable time in preparing your content and setting up logistics.

Like any big event, there’s tons of work involved. Nobody wants to invest so much into a conference that isn’t productive or interesting. If your company decides to go through all that trouble, the results better be amazing.


The Best Conference Adelaide Events

A well planned and executed conference can make a huge positive impact on your business. At these events, you can genuinely work on building a strong community, broadening networking connections and provide further training for your staff. Conferences allow you to break important news to interested parties. They also provide a space to improve communication, both internally and with potential customers.

But, how exactly does one go about hosting a conference that truly benefits your business? We have a few tips to help you out. Here’s everything you should know before you hire a conference room in Adelaide:


Choose Your Theme And Audience

Defining the theme and target audience of your event is essential to hosting a successful conference. First of all, you must know what information you want to communicate to your audience. Next, you have to be able to figure out a way to make your audience engage with that content. This means choosing speakers, preparing support material and extra activities.


Plan. Plan. Plan

For best results, you should figure out the logistics of your conference in detail. Do extensive research about your Adelaide venues for your conference room hire, schedule speakers, hire caterers for break times, etc. Having a detailed itinerary, list of attendees, floor layout and vendors is the most effective way to host a successful conference.


Spread The Word

What’s the point of hosting a conference if no one actually shows up? Make sure invites get sent promptly. Reach out to your guests in person and through email. Depending on the extent of your event, you might consider reaching out to the media.


Choose The Best Venue

Choosing the wrong Adelaide conference room for your event can be a significant deal-breaker. Even if you get everything else right, an unappealing, uncomfortable conference room is enough to drive any crew away. Without comfortable seats, good lighting and proper ventilation, you’ll lull your audience to sleep in a second!


At the Playford hotel, we have seven first-class conference rooms to give your business the professional venue it deserves. Your guest will be more than pleased in our naturally lit rooms, with beautiful gold leaf plated walls and sparkling chandeliers. Make your guest comfortable, giving them access to dedicated bathrooms, a lift and their own bar space! There’s no way your conference won’t run smoothly with our Bose sound and 24/7 audio-visual technicians.


Do you want to host the best conference? Call us and get more information about The Playford’s Adelaide conference room hires.

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