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When it comes to holding business events, it can be hard to choose a time that works well for everyone. Professionals are becoming increasingly busy, with many of their days consisting of meeting after meeting. Because of this,  breakfast business events have become increasingly popular. Firstly, attendees are more likely to attend because the event is held at a time that is less likely to disrupt their day or take them away from their well-deserved personal time. Secondly, some studies suggest early in the morning is the time where the majority of people are most alert and productive.

It’s because of these reasons that business training and networking events work so well. However, how exactly do you ensure that your breakfast event is a success? Here at The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel, we have years of industry experience helping our clients create spectacular events that suit their needs. Our first-class facilities and various function spaces mean that we can hold a range of different business events. Our professional events team work hard with you to create an event that is what you envision precisely.

If you’re thinking about holding a business breakfast event but are unsure about how to make it work, look no further than The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel. To see how you can ensure that your breakfast event is a success we have listed a few tips you can follow. Keep reading to find out more:


Coffee and Lots of It!

Because your event will start so early, make sure you have coffee easily accessible. Many people use coffee as part of their morning routine. Thus, ensuring that your guests get presented with coffee or tea upon arrival is an excellent way to get them to feel more comfortable.

Here at The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel, we understand the importance of good coffee which is why we source only the most exquisite blend ensuring a welcome start to any breakfast business event.


Serve a Balanced Breakfast!

While some may love a continental western breakfast, many people are after much lighter options. At The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel, we are committed to providing balanced breakfast catering options for all of our early morning events. Working with you our events team will discuss your catering wants and needs and develop a custom catering plan crafted from locally sourced premium produce.


Have an Energetic Host!

Nothing will get your guests more excited and involved than a lively MC. Think about the type of event you are holding and carefully consider your host, as this is who will set the tone and guest enjoyment for your breakfast meeting.


Professional Breakfast Meeting Venue in Adelaide!

If you’re looking to hold a professional business event without the stress, be sure to contact The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel, today!

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