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Conference venues are an essential part of every work event in Adelaide. You could have prepared well for your work event, but if your conference venue is terrible, it’s going to be a bad experience for everyone involved.


A work event is your chance at landing investors and retaining customers for your business, so it’s essential. However, it might be hard to know what to look for in your conference venues if you’re new to hosting events.


There are so many conference venues in Adelaide, and making the right choice can be overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help you with choosing a conference venue for your upcoming work event. 


Convenient Location


A conference venue needs to be a place where the attendees can easily find it. So the number one thing you should look out for in an Adelaide conference venue is that it’s in a place anyone can drive to. 


The worst thing you can do is select a venue that’s obscure or ambiguous; if people have to drive for hours to get to your work event, three things can happen:


  • First, they will give up and go back to their homes.
  • Second, they won’t attend any other work event you host, even if you get a convenient location the next time. 
  • Third, they show up to your event but are visibly angry and uninterested in what to say.


Once you notice nobody is interested in what you have to say, you’ll get discouraged and lose your cool. Prevent this by choosing a popular conference venue.


Comfortable Seating


Everyone who comes to your work event should feel like you care about their comfort and the only way to guarantee comfort is by ensuring their chairs are comfortable. People will constantly adjust their positions on hard, stiff chairs, and once you see the apparent discomfort on their faces, you’ll falter.


Choose conference venues in Adelaide with comfortable seats where everyone has enough legroom to relax and place their bags. The conference venue you decide on shouldn’t be cramped and should be spacious.


The Playford Hotel has conference venues that will have you wanting to host business events every day! Our platforms have comfortable seating that gives comfortable seats. 


Lighting And A Good Setup


Your conference venue should have proper lighting so attendees can see your presentation well and take appropriate notes. People shouldn’t have to strain their eyes to see all the points you’re making in your messages.


Your audio should also be high-tech, so everyone in attendance can hear. The sound systems shouldn’t be so loud that everyone gets headaches or low that they strain their eyes. If you go to a conference venue and don’t have the proper setups, you shouldn’t bother renting them.


Save yourself the trouble of going through many conference venues by coming to the Playford hotel. Contact us to rent out one of our venues for that upcoming business meeting. Make sure you book ahead so you don’t miss out on hosting an event the attendees won’t forget anytime soon!

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