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The first important tip or fact you should know is to never go cheap on conference rooms in Adelaide. You’ll think you’re saving money by renting cheap conference rooms, but you’ll eventually lose out. 

It’ll be clear that you can’t be bothered to give or treat your colleagues or investors to a good work meeting experience; you’d be passing off a bad message. Work meetings play a crucial part in elevating your business; you don’t want to mess it up. Make your next work meeting the best by considering these tips:


How many people are coming for your meeting? When a business meeting is planned, you can usually tell how many people you expect to come. All these people should be considered when renting a conference venue because there has to be enough space for everyone. And not just space for seating down, but space for their items and legroom.

Conference rooms in Adelaide come in different sizes, so unless you’re only expecting a small number of people, make sure you rent one that’s spacious enough. 

In the same breath, if the work meeting is only going to be between you and a select view, avoid conference rooms that are too big. They’d remove the intimacy from you and your close circle, and you and every other speaker would have to shout to be heard.

For large business meetings, go for spacious conference rooms, and for small business meetings, medium to small-sized meeting rooms are okay.

Conference Rooms Location

The last thing you want to do when choosing a conference venue is select a place that’s far or one that’s close to you but far from others. Your workers live in different parts of Adelaide, some farther than others, and you have to consider how far they’d drive to get to the venue. Take a general note of their houses and check out venues close to them.

Another thing with location is how prominent or accessible the place is. While the invited workers may not mind a long drive, the frustration that comes with trying to find an obscure location can quickly wipe their good moods away. 

Only select conference venues that are easy to find; don’t make things harder than they have to be. The Playford hotel is easily accessible by all residents of Adelaide; we can assure you there’ll be no problems when your workers are coming for a work meeting. 

With an address that’s easy to get, we’re conveniently located in such a way that all your workers can attend.

Environmental Factors

What is the environment of the conference venue like? Is it in a quiet, serene area, or is it a horrible far place where you can’t get anything productive done? When you book the conference venue online, the environmental issue comes in because you’ll only see the conference venue; you won’t see the environment surrounding it.

Environment matters just as much as the conference venue itself, and that’s why you should check out every prospective conference venue in person. 

You’ve been searching for conference rooms that tick all these boxes but to no avail? Come to the Playford Hotel. If it’s space, a convenient location, and the right environment you’re looking for, we have it.

Our conference rooms are also well-lit, set up with the proper sound and video systems which make delivering presentations easy. Contact us to book a slot now!

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