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Nothing sets the tone of a special event like the venue. All these aspects will play a role in your Adelaide venue hire, from the decoration and atmosphere to the location. The nature of your special event will also help you choose the venue. However, all special events need a unique platform. 

That is why you need to hire a venue that offers something extra. Something that will leave a good impression on your guests and make your Adelaide special event unforgettable. 

With all the options in Adelaide, making the right decision about hiring the right venue can be confusing. Here are a few aspects to help you hire the most suitable Adelaide venue for your special event:



For any event, the venue capacity is critical. Even if you do not have the guest list ready, you should estimate the number of attendees. Otherwise, your special event will feel too crowded if you hire a noticeably small Adelaide venue. Your guests will not feel comfortable enough to move or eat.



No matter what kind of special Adelaide event you plan, you must serve food. Each event requires a particular type of food. Therefore, before hiring a venue, you must ensure they can cater to your desired food. 

Catering is not just about the quality of the food. The service and presentation will also make an impression on your guests.



Fitting all your guests into the particular event venue should not be your only concern. You must ensure that the platform you hire can accommodate your desired activities.

For example, are you planning on having speakers at your Adelaide special event? If yes, the venue you hire must have room for a stage.



You will not need to spend much on decoration with the right venue hire. If the Adelaide venue is elegant and sets the right mood for your special event, it will save you time and money. The lighting and music can also help develop a suitable ambience for your Adelaide special event.

At the Playford Hotel Adelaide, we specialize in hosting unforgettable events. We have a private, easy-to-access function floor with various venues to hire. All event venues feature natural light and access to different audio-visual options. 

Our ballrooms offer floor-to-ceiling windows with balcony access overlooking the prestigious North Terrace. To add a touch of elegance, the rooms have gold-leafed walls and hand-crafted chandeliers. 

With your venue hire, you can choose to go with our menu or tailor one to suit your Adelaide special event. Either way, you can rest assured that you will get restaurant-quality food and service.

Make your Adelaide a special event, one to remember. Contact us today to tailor an event venue hire package for you!

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