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Weddings are a beautiful moment for everyone involved—the people getting married and everyone in attendance. Most people describe weddings as magical, which is accurate, but where does all the magic happen? At the wedding venue. Wedding venues can make or break your wedding; the bad ones will make the experience unpleasant, while the good ones will have you wishing you could get married every day. Make your wedding beautiful by having it at the perfect venue in our Adelaide venues. 

Here are five questions you should ask wedding venues in Adelaide before proceeding with your wedding! 


Are They Easy To Find? 

People at weddings typically go in a good mood, ready to celebrate and party with the newlywed couples. Of course, nothing spoils the wedding mood like people calling you and saying they’re having issues finding your wedding venue. 

Directing people to your wedding venue is the last thing anybody getting ready to marry the love of their life would want to do. It’s taking the focus off your big day and turning you into a navigator. If you see that a wedding venue is hard to locate, don’t bother renting it for your wedding. 

Also, your wedding venue would become scarce due to people having issues finding it. 


Can They Accommodate All Your Guests?

You’ll expect friends, families, and well-wishers on your wedding day. You want to find comfortable seating for these people at your wedding. So the wedding venues you look at should have enough space for everyone that comes to sit down with their families.  

It’s always a good idea to rent conference venues with more space than you need so guests can always find a place to stay.  


Can They Provide Good Setups?

Songs are played, speeches are given, and games are played at weddings. Sound systems play a massive role during weddings, so guests feel involved in the festivities. There’s no reason you should have a wedding at a venue that doesn’t account for the technical setup of your wedding. 

By tech setup, we mean the wedding’s sound systems, lighting, and visual aspects. For example, if you want to give a slideshow at your wedding, you should be able to do that. The Playford Hotel accommodates all the tech needs of people who marry at our hotel. Every guest you expect will know your venue and the sounds of your festivities alone. 


Can Feeding Be Arranged?

The best wedding venues come with in-house catering down to your wedding cake! Ask your wedding venue if they can feed your guests and provide drinks. You could still outsource some of the feedings of your guests to a private contractor, but your wedding venue can still handle snacks, regardless. 


Is There Space For Guests?

Who wouldn’t like to have their weddings at a hotel? You get the wedding venue and rooms for you and your guests. We can’t speak for other wedding venues, but we can vouch that your guests will get luxurious rooms at our hotel. When are you planning your wedding?  

Contact us, and let’s discuss the details.

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