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Wedding trends in 2015 saw a plethora of funky photo booths, the return of champagne towers and reintroduction of family style dining. The forecast for wedding trends in 2016 show ceremony and receptions inspired by traditional themes and motifs, each with a unique and contemporary twist.

Let Them Eat Cakes

Simply not satisfied with a single cake for their wedding day, brides have started a trend for 2016 of providing a dessert table at the reception venue. Laden with sweets and pastries of all kinds, these dessert tables are decorated to match the decor and colour palette of the wedding. On occasion, even the desserts will follow a colour theme or genre.

Bride in lace back dress holding bouquet behind back

Detail in the Back

Wedding dress trends for 2016 have taken inspiration from the ready-to-wear runways with more cut-outs and tasteful displays of skin. Brides of 2016 are wanting to show off their bodies a little more, rather than being buried beneath a mountain of tulle or satin. The 2016 wedding season will showcase gowns with low backs and illusion lace backs, for a sexy yet classy look.

Aerial Memories

Wedding photography and videography in 2016 will have you reliving your big day from a bird’s eye view. With the increasing popularity of drones, wedding photographers and videographers are embracing the new flexibility and creating new and ingenious ways to incorporate them into wedding ceremonies. We’ll definitely be seeing a lot more creative wedding videos next year.

Suspended Sweets

Possibly started by actress Kaley Cuoco, the trend of suspended or floating wedding cakes will soon be taking the 2016 wedding scene by storm. Whilst they won’t all be as over the top as Cuoco’s giant, upside-down chandelier cake, prepare to see cakes that appear to be levitating before your very eyes.

She Wears the Pants

Hot on the runway for spring and the racing carnival, 70s inspired culottes and meticulously tailored jumpsuits provide style and swagger for the alternative bride in 2016. Still in white, of course, they’re embellished with lace while delicate veils adorn heads, ensuring you still look every bit the bride on your way down the aisle.

Playtime at the Reception

To occupy wedding guests whilst wedding photos are taken, lawn games will be a continuing 2016 wedding trend. Games such as giant Jenga keep guests laughing and mingling and what could be more perfect for a wedding than a game of ring toss?

Venues That Make You Look Up

The traditional wedding centrepiece will no longer be confined to the centre of the table. Next year you’ll be seeing brides hanging their showcase blooms from above, leaving more room on the tables for food, drinks and chatter. Floral chandeliers are another way to give your wedding venue an ethereal feel, whether indoors or out.

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