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Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year but nothing ruins that magic faster than a dull office party. You all know the types of party we’re talking about! They’re the ones where people alternate between standing around awkwardly and taking advantage of the free food and drink. 

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There are bells and holly, carols and Christmas trees, but there isn’t much to be merry about if it feels contrived. The problem with Christmas parties – especially office parties – is that they’ve all been done before. We’ve heard those carols a thousand times and they don’t always get us in the festive spirit as anticipated. 

If you want to restore a bit of energy to your next Christmas party, try putting a fresh twist on the Christmas spirit. To give you some inspiration, here are 5 ways to reinvent your office Christmas party. 

  1. Have an ‘Ugly Sweater’ Party

Nothing says Christmas quite like an ugly sweater. Everyone’s acquired one over the years – whether it was from a well-meaning aunt or a slightly cruel friend. Turn these festive disasters into a talking point for your party, by making ugly Christmas sweaters the theme of the day. 

Hilarious patchwork designs and a creative use of colour is sure to be a great conversation starter. You can even have prizes for the best – or worst – dressed. 

  1. Reinvent the Wrapping Paper

The only thing harder than buying the right Christmas presents is getting them wrapped properly. If you’re like many, your gifts are held together by misshapen cuts of wrapping paper and a whole lot of sticky tape, misplaced and very visible. 

If you want to bring the fun back to wrapping, make it an important part of your party. Encourage guests to bring along their unwrapped presents and a few supplies and have everyone wrap their gifts together. Not only will it be hilarious to see who can wrap and who can’t but it will be a fun and easy group activity too. 

  1. Make it An International Affair 

There’s a whole lot to celebrate during the festive season and it’s about a whole lot more than Christmas. Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza are all celebrated around the same time and different cultures and families bring their traditions to the table. 

Use your party to celebrate this diversity by serving food and creating decorations from different cultures and traditions all around the world. 

  1. Are You Dreaming of a White Christmas?

A white Christmas might feel like a bit of a cliché as here in Australia we celebrate it in summer. It’s usually a beautifully hot day and at worst it may rain a little. Create a white Christmas theme at your party by setting the décor the food and the drink to a white theme. 

Those are just five ways you can make your Christmas a unique one. If you’re throwing a Christmas party in Adelaide – whether it’s for the office, your family, or friends, make sure it’s a memorable one! 

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