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Planning a wedding reception can be one of the most overwhelming experiences you will ever undertake. With so many moving parts and so many aspects that need to coincide flawlessly, it’s normal to feel anxious about overlooking something. To help relieve some of the wedding planning stress, we have put together this wedding planning checklist.


Venue, Date and Caterer

When planning your wedding reception, one of the most important aspects is the venue. You need to make sure that your venue meets the aesthetic requirements of your wedding theme but also cater to the number of guests you intend on inviting.

Picking the right dates based on Adelaide weather can be a tricky one, but also taking into consideration that wedding dates, especially September through to February fill up quickly so organising when you are getting married can play a huge part in the availability of your chosen venue.

It is also important to consider if your venue provides catering as part of the cost of if you need to find your catering service that can be hired the same day as you’re renting your venue.


Planning Your Wedding Reception Food and Beverages

Choosing the food and drinks for your wedding can be quite the task. You want food that is not only delicious but also suits the theme of your special day. An excellent way to get an idea of the types of food you want at your reception is to attend tasting events. Sample menu items will be put together by your reception caterer to help you decide on the best combinations.

Your wedding menu should match and compliment your wedding theme. It also helps to choose foods that are in season during the same time that your wedding will be held.


Entertainment and Décor Elements

Look at whether you and your partner would prefer to have a live band or a DJ. The genre, do you prefer pop or jazz? Decide what you feel would best represent you at your wedding reception, interview local acts to get a feel for the type of vibe they will create.

Look at your wedding theme and colour scheme and look at the type of décor and flower arrangements you want to create to transform your reception space into something that is truly unique.

When designing the floor and seating plans for your reception, take into consideration your seating, dancing, food service and entertainment acts when designing your event space. Here at The Playford Hotel, we will work with you to create a space that is unique to your wants and needs.

We understand that planning a reception is a significant and sometimes overwhelming responsibility. We promise we will work with you to eliminate any stresses we can and create a reception that exceeds all expectations. Give us a call today to get your planning process underway!

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