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You only have a chance to do your wedding right. The special day will be ruined with bad memories if anything goes wrong. Getting married to your soulmate is the best thing that can happen. And it would be unfortunate if anything goes wrong. And your wedding venues in Adelaide play an important role in how well your wedding day goes.

At a bad venue, you could experience:

  • Inadequate seating.
  • Feeding issues
  • Technical issues, etc.,
  • Bad neighbourhood or inconducive environment. 

Avoid these by having a memorable wedding at the Playford hotel. Our wedding venues are amazing because:


When you’re getting married, you deserve a location that puts you in the mood. It’s your big day, and you deserve to feel like royalty. At the Playford Hotel, you’ll feel like you were transported into your very own fairy tale. Our beautiful garden, tastefully designed building and attentive attendees will give you the proper treatment.

With our location, you get:

  • Easy access: Unlike many wedding venues in Adelaide, the Playford hotel is very popular. Getting here will be very easy for your guests because they can easily get the directions. Some venues are quite obscure, and you’ll have no choice but to direct all of them. Needless to say, you’ll be very stressed before the ceremony has fully begun.
  • Scenery: Wouldn’t you love a view you and your guests will remember for years to come? At our ballroom, you’ll have the privilege to see a sight you’ll never forget. The balcony view of the beautiful north terrace will make you fall in love all over again.
  • Seating: At our ballroom, you’ll have enough space to seat your guests with enough legroom. 

Helpful Professionals

When you’re having your wedding at the Playford, you get the whole package. Our professionals will ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. You don’t even need an event planner; we can assist with that. Our professionals can assist with:

  • Arrangement: If you have a seating arrangement or decoration in mind, we can bring it to life. 
  • Tech support: We’ll ensure that the sound systems are well-connected the lighting is just right. And the little details are perfect.
  • Feeding: Our award-winning kitchen can handle all your feeding needs, from the cake to the snacks. If you’d like this, tell us while you’re booking.

Hotel Facilities

Overnight stay is available at our luxurious accommodation. After the festivities, everyone will be tired and in no state to drive back home. That’s fine because you can make reservations for your guests. How many guests are flying down for the wedding? We’ll conveniently host everyone. One night at our premium suite, and you might never want to leave. 

A honeymoon at the Playford hotel will be unforgettable. Our North Terrace Studio Spa Suite is the perfect place for newlyweds. You’ll have all the necessary facilities that you’ll need to enjoy yourself and your partner.

When you decide to get fresh air, you can explore the cultural district and the festivals. Plan your day right by doing it at the Playford. Contact us to bring your dream wedding day to life!

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