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Conferences are the perfect events to network and share valuable industry knowledge. While planning a big gathering can be stressful, there are many ways to make the process easier. Choosing an excellent conference room can significantly simplify the organization of your event. At the end of the day, the benefits you’ll get from your business conference are well worth it. If you are looking to host a meeting in Adelaide, check out our guide on choosing the perfect conference room below.


How to Choose Your Adelaide Conference Room


Choosing the right conference room will have a significant impact on how your business event turns out. As a conference planner, your job is to find the conference room that provides your business with the most value for your money. Below we share what you should look for in your Adelaide conference room hire. With our advice, you’ll be able to make the best choice.


On Budget


The first thing you should define when planning a big business event if your budget. You need to know how much you can spend on your event, to make purchase decisions later on. You’ll need to factor in the cost of your Adelaide conference room hire, plus any extra services you wish to hire. Decorations and refreshments are ordinary expenses involved in hosting a conference. 


Once you have a clear budget in mind, you can start looking for conference rooms in Adelaide within your price range. Ideally, you should choose the conference room that provides you with the best services for the cost.


Strategic Location


When looking at different conference venues, consider their geographical location. A cheaper conference room that is further away from the city will be harder to access. On the other hand, a conference room located within Adelaide will be more convenient for your guests. Look for a conference room that you can quickly get to driving or through public transportation. If your guests are mainly your co-workers, looking for a conference room close to your facilities might be the best choice.


Perfect Capacity


Before hiring a conference room, you must decide how many guests will you invite. Selecting a conference room with the right capacity is vital to the success of your event. You’ll need a room large enough to accommodate all conference attendees comfortably. However, space should not be too ample to make the room look empty. Merely drafting a guest list will help you define your capacity requirements.




Conferences require plenty of audio-visual equipment. Microphones, projectors, and speakers are all vital at big conference events. The best conference rooms in Adelaide will not only provide you with equipment but also offer technical assistance throughout your event.


Bottom Line


Are you looking for an Adelaide conference room that has it all? Look no further than The Playford. Our luxurious function rooms are packed with the latest audio-visual technology, lift access, bathroom facilities, and a fully stocked bar. Additionally, we offer services that include room theming, catering and 24/7 technical assistance.


To receive more information on our conference rooms in Adelaide, contact us at 61 8 8213 8888 or fill our contact form here.

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