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A business conference is a splendid way to bring your employees together. Although technology has made it easier for people to connect and exchange information, nothing can beat face-to-face communication.

Whether to inform, discuss or inspire your employees, to bring a group of people together will add value to your business. The best ideas result from great-minded people meeting together.

What makes a business conference successful? It should be not only informative, but also fun to attend. Organising a fruitful business conference, however, is a complex task that requires detailed planning. The conference venue is essential, as everything else will be based on it.

The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel offers you a professional and well-equipped conference and meeting rooms to host your productive and enjoyable business conference.

Holding a business conference in a venue outside your company is vital for many reasons:


Team Building

Taking your employees off-site for a business conference encourages effective face to face communication between them. They will be able to bond away from the usual office atmosphere. A new venue gives a feeling of a neutral ground to solve any misunderstandings or work problems between the team members.

Gathering all of your team members in one place is an excellent opportunity to boost the morale of the employees as well. Celebrating achievements, sharing best practices and success stories will be inspirational to the entire company.


Convey a Message

The best way to effectively convey a message to a large number of employees is to gather them all in one place. Direct face to face communication reduces the risk of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Also, any questions or concerns will be raised and answered immediately.


Change of Scenery

A change of scenery makes all the difference. Breaking the daily work routine and gathering in a new venue, will enhance the focus, productivity and creativity of the employees. It will also boost the overall positive energy and give the employees a fresher perspective. It will be beneficial for brainstorming meetings.

Here at The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel, each of our conference and meeting rooms have stunning windows that let natural light come in, giving the place a breath of freshness.


No Distraction

Leaving the office and gathering in an off-site venue will also reduce the distractions and interruptions.

All of our conference rooms at The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel, are located in a self-contained function floor offering access to its bathroom facilities, lift access and a dedicated bar. IT ensures that your conference will be as focused as possible.



Spending a day or two in a new venue doing activities different from the daily work routine will recharge the focus and energy of the employees. Taking a break from the usual daily work will sharpen their skills.


If you are looking for a premium Adelaide venue to host your next business conference, look no further than The Playford Hotel Adelaide, MGallery By Sofitel! Call us now and ask about our current special offers on meeting rooms!

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