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It’s nice to take a break from your home and responsibilities occasionally. When planning a mini getaway, it’s best to stay in a place that gives you all the comforts of home with extra perks. And do you know where you can get this luxurious accommodation in Adelaide? At the Playford Hotel, of course!

If you want to experience all the comforts of your home at an affordable rate, the Playford Hotel is where you should be. Here is why the Playford Hotel is your home away from home.


Friendly and accommodating staff

The first thing that greets you when you enter the Playford Hotel is our staff. And we can guarantee they’d make a lasting impression. Our team will handle your luggage carefully and ensure all your needs are attended to in your room.

Once you request anything, you’ll be surprised at how fast we’ll make your requests happen. The Playford Hotel will be your second home, ensuring all your needs are a priority.


Different Packages

We have different packages for anyone who wants to stay at our hotel; it depends on your budget and what you want. Suppose you would love to enjoy fine dining with luxurious accommodations in Adelaide. In that case, we have a gastronomy package with dinner and breakfast.

And we have the right package if you’d like to experience Adelaide’s best luxury accommodation. We can give you that whether you’re on a budget or want to share a homey experience. You don’t have to spend outside your budget with us.


See the Sights

Thanks to the location of The Playford Hotel, it gives the perfect opportunity to explore all the Adelaide cultural precinct has to offer. Festivals routinely happen; you could even book your stay to attend your favourite celebration. We all need to experience the diversity and talent in the Adelaide cultural precinct.

The Playford Hotel is usually within walking distance so that you can stroll.



We can only say that once you enter our luxury accommodations, you won’t feel like leaving anytime soon. Our studio spa suite offers all the old-world charm you crave with all the modern amenities you need. And you don’t have to drop your internet privileges because you’re at the Playford Hotel; we have 24/7 high-speed Wi-Fi.


Let us take care of you at The Playford Hotel. You deserve to be in your home with added benefits. Contact us to book your stay with us now!

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