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Are you looking to hire a conference room for your next Adelaide business event? Why not choose the conference venue that has it all?

Conference rooms at the Playford Hotel in Adelaide check all the right boxes and more!


Why Should You Hire The Playford’s Adelaide Conference Rooms?

Your conference’s venue has to power to make or break your event. At our facilities, we have everything you need for guaranteed success.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire one of Adelaide conference rooms:


Our Function Rooms Are Beautiful!

What company doesn’t want to give a positive and professional image? Yet, hosting your business’s conference in a dark, dirty old facility hardly portrays the best impression. This is why hosting your gathering at an appealing, comfortable space is a must!

At the Playford Hotel, each and every one of our function rooms are fit to impress. With gold-leafed walls, comfortable well-designed seating, elegant chandeliers and tons of natural light, your guests will love attending your event!


We Provide Your Guests with a Distraction-Free, Functional Space

Leading from our grand sweeping staircase, you’ll find all of our function rooms, contained within one floor. On this floor, your guests can have lift access, well-kept bathroom facilities and a dedicated bar. That means that your conference attendees don’t have to wander far from your event to find everything they need!


We Offer Different Types of Spaces That Accommodate Your Needs

At the Playford, Adelaide you’ll find plenty of conference rooms for hire. For those hosting a more significant event, we have a Ballroom that’ll take your breath away. Featuring beautiful floor to ceiling windows and balcony access, there’s little else you can ask for. For a more intimate conference, where work needs to get done, consider our boardroom. This conference room has a wooden boardroom table and modern audiovisual equipment. No matter what type of conference room you need, you’ll find it at the Playford.


We Have All the Equipment You Will Ever Need!

Without the proper tools, hosting a conference can be incredibly hard. If you want to host a successful business event, you’ll need access to the latest tech. Thankfully at the Playford hotel, you don’t have to worry about that.

All of our Adelaide conference rooms for hire are packed with tech! Our function rooms feature Bose sound, their own high-speed lines and audio-visual equipment. As if that weren’t enough, we put our audio-visual technicians at your service, onsite 24/7. Even if you run into an unfortunate emergency, you’ll be taken care off. Without resources, it’s a given that your event will run without any setbacks.


Your Guest Will Be Well-Taken Care Of

Your guest will require nothing. Our committed service staff can work with you to accommodate any personal requests. Your events can be tailored to your liking! We work hard so that you’ll find everything you need without leaving the hotel. You don’t even have to worry about sending your guests off wandering in search for good food. The Playford renowned restaurant can accommodate all your conference attendees.


What are you waiting for? Hire a conference room at the Playford for your next Adelaide event!

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