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Are you planning a trip for a vacation, a business meeting, or an official assignment? Then, it would be best to consider your accommodations since you will be away from home. No doubt, a hotel is often your best, if not your only, option, and that’s usually not hard to find. But then, if you will be passing the night away from home, why not make it a night of luxury by selecting a premium hotel?

If your destination is anywhere near Adelaide, then the Playford Hotel is your perfect destination. This article will highlight some excellent reasons why you should choose the Playford Hotel as your luxury accommodation in Adelaide.

Read on to learn more.


About the Playford Hotel

The level of service at the Playford Hotel is unquestionably one of the best in Australia. The hotel’s central location in Adelaide makes it convenient for guests from all parts of the city.

A stay at the hotel, which has won numerous awards and is an iconic Adelaide landmark, guarantees a memorable experience.

Customers are immediately enamoured by the elegant fusion of South Australian art and Art Nouveau-style décor in this prestigious hotel, which makes an impression quickly. But our unique and classy service is the real draw of our one-of-a-kind and lavish lodgings.


Why Choose the Playford Hotel

The Playford Hotel is not referred to as the best for no reason. Here are a few reasons it is commonly considered Adelaide’s finest high-end hotel.


Classy Rooms and Suites

The Playford Hotel has many luxurious rooms and suites that offer nothing less than classy comfort. Indeed, there’s nowhere like home, but our accommodations make the comfort of your home feel a little overrated.


Luma Restaurant and Bar

We appreciate that you need to stay nourished during your stay here, hence our award-winning restaurants and bars. From coffee and cupcakes to homemade snacks and pastries, your taste buds are definitely in for a treat here.

At our opulent bar, we provide a selection of the world’s finest wines and handcrafted brews.


Luxury Facilities

Here at The Playford, we take pride in the functionality and modernity of our facilities. We have the finest facilities for you, whether you need to work up a sweat in the gym or cool off with a swim.



Are you spending a night away from home? It would be best if you made it a night of luxury, and the Playford Hotel is the best luxury accommodation in Adelaide and beyond. This article has highlighted some reasons why this is so.

We have also discussed why you should choose this hotel anytime you are in Adelaide. You may rest assured that you will not regret your decision.

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